If you are a home improvement company, how to operate under the epidemic, do online business and operation?

Whether online or offline, the essence of marketing is to sell goods, so decoration companies to do activities, the first question to consider is still: how to make the activities more attractive, sell more goods, collect more deposit? The next step is to solve the details of the activities, including what online platforms (public number, community, website, Mini Programs, etc.) are selected, and how to determine the theme of the activities. In fact, many of our familiar marketing means as long as a little change of mind, can be transferred to the online. For example, the seven marketing methods listed below can be pushed in one form alone, and can be used in combination with attractive theme combinations, allowing you to earn attention and rush to a single order. 1. discount key points: price discount or special, mainly using time-limited special, time-limited buy two ways. Analysis: the proposed discount quota should be attractive enough to attract attention and topic; the activity time should not be too long, on the one hand to create a "slow hand" sense of urgency to customers, on the other hand, but also out of cost control considerations, control the price scale is conducive to long-term development. 2. cash return points: purchase transactions, return cash. Can be returned according to the transaction gradient or return orders. Analysis: equivalent to direct discount, has let the customer unexpected harvest effect, and can effectively protect the price plate; to pay attention to the cash return time to be clear and clear, is it after billing, after delivery, or after installation and acceptance? 3. common promotion points: direct price discount, order or purchase a designated product can get a high discount of a home brand. Analysis: this move is suitable for local decoration companies with different alliance, alliance brand complementary advantages, resource sharing, can strengthen the momentum of activities, conducive to enhance the company's popularity. 4. seize the opportunity point: for the attention of all social hot events seize the opportunity. For example, during the epidemic, we all reduce the number of offline meeting, we can play the slogan "not enough to house a new home ". Analysis: use hot events to expand influence and drive product sales. But be careful not to hype too much or inappropriate, the overall tone should be to spread positive energy. The main points of 5. gift promotion: there are two ways to buy gift promotion: buy A send A and buy A send B,B can be in kind or service. At the same time, two ways of giving away can be considered: long-term gift and short-term gift. Analysis: A good gift (in kind or service) can have a strong interest shock to consumers. It is suggested that the purchase price of the gift should not be known to the consumer and have a descriptive value space. 6. raffle sales points: all shopping or orders can participate in the raffle, the way to open the lottery online. Analysis: Few people will resist the draw because everyone wants to take a chance. If you want a lucky draw to be attractive enough, the amount of the first prize must be sincere enough. Because no one will value the small prize, the most attention is always the first prize. (There are many free lottery Mini Programs, interested friends search by themselves)7. Key points of voucher: customers can enjoy a certain amount of discount or extra service with voucher. Analysis: do activities during the epidemic, can be issued through the media coupons, social app and other online coupons form; suggest to set a certain threshold for customers to receive coupons, such as inviting 10 friends to add groups at the same time to ensure the gold content of coupons, arousing customer interest. The above is 7 kinds of activities marketing means, hope to provide you with some marketing inspiration, play online marketing to get customers ~ I also summed up some of the online marketing experience and free practical tools, interested friends can contact me (VX: Jielong-Aussie) and private letter to me, I am honored to share with you, help you, borrow power online marketing, help you bend overtaking!