Chen Jon traveled to Melbourne, dressed like a girl in a knitted skirt and dressed like 18 at the age of 40

As the popular TW idol goddess in the mainland, Chen Jon began to develop in the mainland in recent years. Although she is really not young, her temperament still wandered between loveliness and aging. Recently, she went to Melbourne, a simple dark green casual dress lovely and youthful, to create a quiet and beautiful style.

With the coming White Dew, the autumn scroll officially unfolds in front of us. What we have to do at this time is not to miss the summer dress, but to consider how to start the first shot of our early autumn fashion. Obviously, Chen Jon's group of travel photos can be used as a textbook level reference.

The color of this skirt is very simple, the whole is the mix of beige and dark green. The large area color of skirt is dark green, this color has very strong retro color, but at the same time it will not appear too mature and knowledgeable.

Coupled with a simple superposition with white, the style of the dress becomes more calm. This sense of serenity is not a complete intellectual temperament, more is a youth effect. This is due to the design of the skirt itself, especially the neckline position.

Neckline position is such a simple lotus leaf collar processing, really to make the sweet style very specific. Generally speaking, sweet style can well show a sense of youth, coupled with more lace material simple mixed color, as well as thick thread hemp technology, really playful tight.

But the skirt length is in the knee position, in fact, such a position is really very bad for high, but if you are born with long legs, you don't have to think about it. With a pair of white casual sneakers, youth flying.

At the same time, we can also choose the middle stockings for a simple match, or white stockings. Pile socks show a sense of love, and middle stockings may be more of a personality wind. But either way, it looks good.

One of the advantages of this sweater dress is that although the position of the whole neckline is handled at an old age, it does not seem to have any blank design. But in fact, because of the length of the skirt design, the entire leg blank effect will be very good, so it can increase the sense of lightness.

In addition, the skirt breast and the lace element in the sleeve part is also designed to better add a light effect, so that the texture of the skirt is not so heavy. Because of its own hemp material will have such a possible existence.

Because of the design sense, this skirt may be more suitable for a simple one, not for matching. As for the choice of shoes, it is suggested to select a white light color system with too many colors to affect the style.

Chen Jen's group of photo-style Meijie is still very fond of, because it really is a kind of quiet and lovely organic combination, completely created a perfect high-level small temperament, and achieved a good balance between literature and art and understanding.