China punched bilaterals, 13 billion post-80s deputies to the National people's Congress lay down guns.

People of foreign nationality represent China at the National people's Congress. I'm afraid you're teasing me.

Nowadays, many people regard owning a small country passport as a standard for successful people. Don't get away with it, buddy! China is cracking down on bilateralism.

Just yesterday (Aug. 6), a 10 billion-member post-80s millionaire in China was removed as a deputy to the National people's Congress after being dug up as a dual national. Identity is a deputy to the National people's Congress, but a nationality is a member of another country.

This time, the deputies to the National people's Congress are also talented young people, rich A side ah. Born in 1982, Sun Bin (pseudonym), now 37 years old, is at the time of self-cultivation, family, governance and peace.

And he also early became the winner of life, and his father with 13 billion of their wealth on the Hurun global rich list of 1411.

After graduating from the famous school, Sun Bin became president of Hebei Xinhua Common Metallurgical holding Group Co., Ltd., the largest private iron and steel enterprise group in Hebei Province, and was elected deputy to the Chinese people's Congress in 2012.

On Aug. 4, 2019, the relevant departments received a special report letter message. Some of the current deputies to the report people's Congress hide the identity of dual nationality, which can not only not take on this important task, but also can not even be regarded as a "Chinese."

And the deputy to the National people's Congress, is no one else, is the above-mentioned young talent, the political elite-Sun Bin.

This anonymous report has attracted the attention of authorities in an instant, and this investigation is really so.

It is understood that in 2011, in addition to Chinese nationality, Sun Bin also handled the federal nationality of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

At once, he opened the pot on the Internet, and in addition to questioning his identity, he paid more attention to how such an identity was elected:

In order to make an example, on August 6, 2019, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, held the 24th meeting of the standing Committee of the Municipal people's Congress and removed Sun Bin from his post as deputy to the 13th Hebei Provincial people's Congress in accordance with the law.

(screenshot of Tangshan people's Congress)

Why is China so exclusive of bilinguals?

When you see the little friends here, you may wonder why bilateralism in China is so abhorrent.

In fact, China used to allow dual nationality, but because of this, it has suffered a lot in domestic management and diplomacy.

For example, at the beginning of the founding of New China, the issue of dual nationality of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia was once controversial.

At that time, some people said that overseas Chinese from the rich A side made use of their double identities to make use of their double identities.

The favorable time is the native, the unprofitable time is the foreigner, not only shows a kind of emotion, but also the dual nationality brings the trouble.

Therefore, during the general election held in Indonesia in 1954, Premier Zhou Enlai put forward an important point of view on the nationality of overseas Chinese:

Overseas Chinese are elected voluntarily under the principle of one person, one nationality.

That is, since then, China has refused dual nationality.

Now, China does not recognize that China city has dual nationality in Article 3 of China's Nationality Law.

According to Article 9 of the nationality Law, Chinese citizen automatically loses its Chinese nationality by voluntarily joining foreign nationality.

At present, China's major customs departments have fully implemented this policy. If any foreign Chinese are found to be "dual nationality" when they enter the country,

There will be marijuana annoyance.

According to Chinese law regulations, Chinese who have entered foreign nationality must immediately cancel their Chinese household registration.

(screenshot of embassy sent by China in Singapore)

Sun Bin, the netizen of this incident, said that he would not regard the application for the national identity of another country as a betrayal.

And knowing that the state does not approve of the circumstances, but also insist on going their own way, there may indeed be suspected of evading in fear of crime.