The new crown pneumonia patient is drowned by phlegm, must use special treatment

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The new crown pneumonia patient is drowned by phlegm, must use special treatment


New crown pneumonia patients, the first week of disease, can detect a large number of viruses from the patient's throat, but then, the virus is less and less. The reason is that the viral sputum in the lungs isn't coming out.

Cilia don't work in death new crown pneumonia. The cilia can make the sputum flow from the bottom up to the throat, and the cilia do not work, which causes the sputum secreted by the lung to flow down, accumulate at the bottom of the lung, and finally accumulate the lungs. —— eventually the patient was drowned —— his own sputum.

The only way to break this pathology is to put the patient's chest and lungs upside down and lower the trachea and throat. Let gravity guide the sputum to the throat and drain the accumulated sputum from the lungs. To patients with more viscous sputum, consider first inhaling nebulized acetylcysteine (Acetylcysteine), or alcohol (legal medical expert Liu Liang found that alcohol has a good dissolution effect on sputum of neo-crown pneumonia, see attached below) and then resuspending sputum. To allow drugs and sputum to fully dissolve and dissolve the sputum, consider the method of shaking the lungs with ultrasound while the patient is standing or sitting. In addition, in the inverted suspension of the lung, with ultrasound or lower frequency of shock, can promote the rapid outflow of sputum out of the lung.



In the human respiratory tract, there are a large number of cilia, these cilia swing, responsible for the bronchioles, bronchi, trachea sputum, bacteria, dust out of the body,


Only when these cilia work properly can the sputum in the lung flow down and up against the direction of gravity and eventually reach the throat and be spit out by coughing. Note: A cough can only cough up phlegm from the throat and main trachea. Cough is useless for sputum in the bronchi, bronchioles, and even the alveoli.


Once the cilia do not work properly, the sputum accumulates in the lungs and even flows to the bottom of the lungs in the direction of gravity, and accumulates there. This is why the bottom of the lungs turns white first in patients with new crown pneumonia. And modern medicine has proved that chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pulmonary bullae, are all due to cilia lodging, resulting in sputum, suppository siltation of the airway, leading to ventilation dysfunction. The difference is that the new crown pneumonia of severe patients sputum more, a large amount of accumulation in the lung, the patient did not have time to produce antibodies, their own sputum drowned.


Dr. Zhang Jinsong, who works on the first line of anti-epidemic work in Wuhan, described it as "in fact, most of them have no phlegm and dry cough. No cough, no smoke. And legal medical expert Liu Liang dissected the dead patient's lung after the description ," the cut surface can see a large amount of sticky secretions from the alveolar overflow ," confirmed that the new crown pneumonia is also a large amount of sputum accumulation in the lung, which is the main cause of death.


The only way to solve the problem of rapid death of severe patients with new crown pneumonia is to learn how lifeguards treat drowning people —— control water, and use the method of upside down the patient's lungs (chest cavity) to drain sputum from the patient's lungs. Let the patient's trunk tilt downward, let the trachea and throat in a lower position, the sputum in the lung can follow the direction of gravity, gradually flow to the trachea and throat.

In the case of pulmonary cilia not working, this is the only way to expel sputum from the lungs. If we want to achieve good results, we need the following measures to assist.


I. downward sloping treatment bed, or stent.

inverted suspension of the lung, need to use some auxiliary measures, with a downward tilt of the treatment bed, can assist the patient for a long inverted suspension of the lung. as shown in the following figure. Let the patient lie prone, supine, or side-lying on a downward sloping treatment bed, or on a stent. Use gravity to direct sputum to the throat. Different tilt posture, can allow different tilt growth angle of the bronchioles, bronchioles have the opportunity to expel sputum.


If the sputum of the severe patient is very sticky, some auxiliary measures are needed to speed up drainage.


II. Dilute the solution of sticky phlegm in the lung

If the sputum in the patient's lungs is sticky and even has a jelly-like suppository, it's still difficult to get out by the above-mentioned method. The solution to this problem is to inhale some atomized solvent capable of diluting the sputum, the solvent, which can be the simplest water mist, or some harmless organic solvent such as propylene glycol for electronic smoke, etc. Acetylcysteine (Acetylcysteine), or alcohol, is now certified in western medicine for the treatment of certain lung diseases, has the effect of dilution, dissolving sputum, can focus on the use of this solvent.

In the new crown pneumonia, many doctors reflect that severe patients as long as intubation oxygen, doomed to die, certainly can not be saved. As I understand it, the humidity of compressed oxygen in a steel bottle is almost zero, and oxygen inhalation will only make the thin sputum in the lungs into sticky phlegm, sticky phlegm dry lump blocks, the various bronchi, eventually leading to death. and inhalation of atomized water vapor, or other atomized solvent vapor, can counteract this disadvantage.

It should be noted that when inhaling nebulized solvents, the patient should take a standing or sitting position, rather than the above-mentioned, upside-down position. Because the patient uses sitting or standing posture to inhale solvent vapor, the solvent can enter the lungs more deeply than be discharged immediately. After the solvent enters the lung more deeply, only then has the opportunity to dissolve with the thick sputum, the sputum suppository which accumulates in the lung, dilutes it. After dilution, the patient then adopts the above inverted suspension posture to promote sputum excretion.

That is to say, use sitting posture to inhale sufficient amount of atomized solvent, dilute the sputum of lung, sputum suppository, then use upside down posture, use gravity to discharge sputum. These two modes of operation, and posture to be repeated alternately. in order to discharge sputum more effectively.

Important tip: during the epidemic period, it is too late to develop a special atomizer, the electronic smoke in the existing technology, is a very good atomizer, only need to replace the smoke oil with acetylcysteine (Acetylcysteine), or water, on the line, electronic smoke solvent propylene glycol, also have the role of dilute phlegm, I smoke, have experience. As for whether the e-cigarette can be used for atomizing alcohol, it needs to be tested and there is a explosion risk.


III. External equipment to vibrate the lungs

Ultrasonic wave can be used for imaging the internal structure of human body; in industrial application, it also has the function of cleaning, which can promote the mutual dissolution of different liquids, so that the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified and stripped to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

If there are some long-term patients, severe patients, after the use of the above-mentioned inhalation atomization solvent, combined with the inverted suspension of the lung can not be effective sputum drainage, or complete sputum drainage, it may be that the sputum, sputum suppository has been very dry, or even has been solidified in the lung dry knot. In this case, can also be combined with ultrasound, so that the inhaled solvent and sputum fully dissolved to achieve a stronger dilution of sticky phlegm, sputum suppository effect.

Ultrasound therapy can be used in both the above, sitting or hanging positions. In sitting posture, ultrasound is used to allow solvent and sputum to dissolve fully. And in the inverted posture, the role of ultrasound is to prevent sputum in the process of outward flow, stay, sticky in the bronchioles, bronchi in a certain position.

In fact, in the posture of the inverted lung, it is not necessary to use ultrasound such a high frequency, lower frequency of vibration, can also play a role in promoting sputum flow.

Speculation about inflammatory storms

It's common sense that in skin wound management, clearing wounds can significantly reduce inflammation. A large number of dead lung cells and sputum in patients with neocopneumonia accumulate in the alveoli and can not be discharged. They are all sending an alarm signal to the body's immune system, and the surface area of the alveoli is about 100 square meters. Such a large area of dirty wounds, the alarm signal is enough to cause inflammatory storms. If the alveoli are cleaned up relatively clean, then the number of alarm signals is reduced, most likely, inflammatory storms will not occur.

Of course, this is only an adjunct therapy, not a complete cure for new crown pneumonia, only the discharge of sputum, alleviate the disease, buy enough time for patients, enough time to produce antibodies, or kill the virus with drugs. So that severe patients do not see the dawn before the dawn, their own sputum drowned, suffocated.

For severe patients with new crown pneumonia, such treatment can significantly reduce their mortality.



At present, the domestic epidemic is nearing the end, the hospital inventory of patients is not many, so, they are more conservative, unwilling to take risks to try new methods, but the Europe and America epidemic has just begun, there are a large number of severe patients without treatment. It is estimated that they are willing to try, so ask those who have the ability to translate, translate, and send this message to doctors in various countries on free media such as forums in other countries, so that people who want to try to use it. For more information, please contact my Email,[email protected] if you need more information


Additional information annex based on recent research developments

After dissecting according to Liu Liang's team, a hospital doctor sucked sputum in the lungs of a mild patient and observed it with fiberoptic bronchoscopy. During the 10-minute observation, the upper respiratory tract was smooth and free of foreign matter from the nasal cavity through the organs into the lungs. The fiberoptic bronchoscope went on deep, and for the next two minutes the white mucus was sucked out ," like very sticky sputum, and very tough, like catching eel and catching Loach. "Liu Liang said that many hospitals also had sputum suction, but only to grade 4-5, is no fiberoptic bronchoscopy blind aspiration, did not reach grade 12, so may not have sucked out mucus.

"This mucus is most afraid of alcohol. "After the autopsy, they found, through tests, that the high viscosity, toughness of mucus, alcohol immediately melted away.

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As mentioned above, the upper respiratory tract is smooth, not a good thing, it is possible that the pulmonary cilia fall down or even fall off. Medical institutions or professionals with micro lens fiberoptic bronch bronchoscopy, are best able to detect the condition of the patient's lung cilia and publish it for your reference.


Simple family self-treatment method

If there is a hospital explosion, no access, or no health insurance, you can use this method, take acetylcysteine effervescent tablets, or inhaled atomized acetylcysteine, or high liquor (atomization alcohol to see the fire explosion, must be in a ventilated place, pay attention to fire), atomizer can use home ultrasound humidifier, then, with the fitness of the tilt-angle bed (or their own hanging planks, Simmons mattress can be built down the main position, can be tilted sputum. It can not be cured (it depends on drugs and autoantibodies), but it can solve the problem of low blood oxygen, and after sputum drainage can prevent patients with moderate symptoms (the onset of dyspnea and hypoxia symptoms, that is, the beginning of sputum accumulation in the lung) turn to severe, so that severe patients do not drown by their own sputum before producing antibodies.

In the diagram below, instead of raising your body like a workout, you're going to lie prone on a downward sloping board.

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