New WEB full stack project, take you to get offer quickly

Our vision:

why choose web development full stack project class?Original 3 + 2 mode of the craftsman

3-month course training plus 2-month project internships make the whole-stack course system unique, through the form of knowledge + project, to push the students to another level

All-stack class 3 + 2 mode theory + project + work experience in combination with the actual job search status in Australia

report a course, select multiple paths

Depending on the career path, you can choose. Net or nodejs back end two directions, contact js and Angular two directions.

We hope to engage in Web development, programming development and entry into Australian and Chinese workplace in Australia and China in the future. After the experience and practice of more than 300 students, it is suitable for friends who have certain programming foundation but lack business project experience. If you want to accumulate Web development and programming front and back development experience to enhance the competitiveness of the workplace, then this course is perfect for you to join.

Suitable for the population:

  • Students with IT/ CS foundation, less project experience and weak base
  • Getting Started with the We
  • IT-related majors, students who want to go to the Web to develop
  • Other majors, have a certain understanding of IT, want to change professional students
  • IT junior, hope to get the experience of commercial real-time project, accumulate the IT people's pulse
  • IT's new graduates, who are looking for IT to work, promote career development, and broaden their caree

You'll get:

  • The course is full of Tutor's answe
  • 1-year project experience
  • A letter of recommendation and proof of work.
  • the course of the course and course
  • Three projects with extensive experience in your resume
  • 1. Q & A
  • Simulated interview and HR interview
  • Resume Guidance and Resume Modification.
  • Background investigation certificate
  • The great work of the craftsmen push the network
  • Alumni and mentor resources of the craftsmen
  • The excellent cadets, the craftsmen, the direct diggers.
  • Promotion and internship and full-time job opportunities in cooperative enterprises with craftsmen

Contact the craftsman Xiao Le quickly, get more information bar official website authentication: social app contact: sydneyjiangren email: