Scary! After Australian Chinese returned home, their luxury home was occupied by a group of strangers! Drinking, take drug with a knife! The room stinks!

It is reported that an Australian Chinese owner was happy to return home for a holiday.

I never thought of it! While he was back on vacation, his mansion broke into a group of strangers!

In the past three weeks, the five men in their twenties have seized a A $6 million vacant home owned by Bellevue Hill, a Sydney owner, which has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a private cinema and a swimming pool.

These young people are not only eating, drinking and sleeping in there! And fire and cook! Smoke marijuana! Like a hero.

It is reported that at 09:30 Tuesday morning, plumber Ben and colleagues came to repair the house found something wrong. "We have a key and the owner tells us that house is empty."

"when I walked into house, I heard some very strange noises, and then I saw a group of people wandering around the room, a few of whom were still asleep, and the room was smelly," Ben said.

One of the young men claimed that they were friends of the owner and were helping to look after house, but when Ben asked them the name of the owner, they said it was Smith, the name of the former owner, and now the owner is a Hong Kong citizen. "all right, I'll take a picture of your photo and send it to the owner," Ben said. Then they turned around and leave called the police.

When Ben returned to the mansion again, the young men had fled, leaving behind a few knives, and when Ben was stunned, he immediately called the owner in Hong Kong, who said there had never been such a knife in house.

"I realized at the time that we were in a very dangerous position." "obviously, this group of people have been in this empty house for a while," said plumber Ben. "some of them have been sleeping in the rooms upstairs, firing and cooking, and there's food everywhere." Police later broke into arrest, a 20-year-old man from Vaucluse, and accusation, who has been admitted to bail and will appear before the Downing Central Court on April 12.

An estimated 22400 rental house units are vacant across Sydney, up 40 percent from last year, according to SQM Research. According to statistics, 25% of new homes are purchased by foreigners, most of them Chinese. It is understood that many Chinese owners have left house idle since they bought real estate in Australia. They also spend most of their time in China, and house will not rent out, so it gives some illegal elements a chance to take advantage of it.