Australia Zoo Entry Ticket (Sunshine Coast)

The Zoo Which Started as the Irwin Family's Wildlife Park, Has Now Become a Legacy

Sunshine Coast
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What To Expect

  • With over 1200 animals inside the zoo, get a chance to see some of your favorite ones up close!

  • Attend the free interactive wildlife shows available daily and learn more about the fantastic animals in the zoo

  • Catch the wildlife warrior show in the world famous Crocoseum!

  • Get your adrenaline pumping and watch a saltwater crocodile jump from the water's edge

  • The zoo, which started as the Irwin family's wildlife park, has now become a legacy thanks to Steve Irwin's work

Home to some of Australia's most fascinating wildlife, Australia Zoo is a definite must see in the beloved Sunshine Coast! Even if you're all the way in the Gold Coast, you now have an opportunity to visit the zoo - with transfers included - easy and hassle free! Prepare yourself for a fantastic day because Australia Zoo is as wild as it gets. See over 1200 animals, and get to catch interactive wildlife shows for free. Catch tigers, otters, giraffes, koalas and so much more in action! Plus, don't miss the famous Crocoseum, Australia Zoo's wildlife warrior show, where you can catch the slithering, jaw-snapping action with your very eyes. There's even a brand new Africa exhibit, where you can watch massive saltwater crocs jump from the water's edge - perfect to get your adrenaline pumping!

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  • 1638 Steve Irwin Way,Beerwah QLD 4519

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