CQ Adventure Aerobatic Flights Whitsundays (Departs from Airlie Beach)

Airlie Beach
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What To Expect

  • Thrilling and safe aerial tricks

  • Pull up to 5G+

  • Fly at over 300km/h

  • Only 10 minutes outside Airlie Beach

  • Cafe and bar available at the airport

  • Beautiful scenery

  • Unique experience

  • Top safety standards

  • Assist in systems check

  • Video available for purchase

CQ Adventure Flights is host to one of the most unique experiences in the Whitsundays. With us you'll be able to see the Whitsundays from above while flying in a classic Yak52 Airforce trainer plane. Enjoy tricks of the trade as we flip, flop, rock and roll our way through the skies while cruising thousands of feet above Airlie Beach, Whitehaven Beach and more.

Gentle aerobatics

This tour is conducted in our Yak52 and lasts for a thrilling 10-15 minutes. With a Russian fighter pilot trainer in the cockpit, you'll get the experience the real deal as you flip and flop through the skies above. Departing from Shute Habour Airport, you'll get to fly over Airlie Beach to see the sights while climbing up to 2,500 feet in under two minutes flat. Fly upside down as you roll through the skies, enjoying the tricks and stunts of the trade. 

Mental aerobatics

Enjoy the thrill of our advanced aerobatic routine for 15 - 20 minutes, where you'll get to feel what it's like for fighter pilots to fly around in combat. With pressures reaching over 5G+, you'll be pushed to the limit as we perform our extreme routine.

Beach & Screech: Insane Aerobatics over Whitehaven Beach

For this 30 minute tour, you will depart Shute Harbour Airport where you will climb to 3,500ft on a mock recon mission over Airlie Beach. Cruise up to 4,500ft above the iconic Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach for the perfect photo, featuring you - inverted! After you smile for the camera, you'll flip back over ad head back to Airlie Beach where you'll experience the most exciting flight of your life full of extreme flips and flops! This package includes 2 aerobatic routines and a scenic trip over Whitehaven Beach. 


Whitsunday Airport at Shute Harbour

  • Main Terminal Shute Harbour Airport,Flametree QLD 4802

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Gentle Aerobatics
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Beach & Screech
$650 $660.2 AUD  ≈  ¥3234.98 Yuan
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