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Cape Tribulation

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Attraction - Beach
Australia - Queensland
Cape Tribulation QLD 4873, Australia
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Cape Tribulation is located in (Daintree Rainforest), a rainforest north of Cairns, a famous tourist city in northern Queensland, about 125 kilometers from Keynes and 85 kilometers from (Port Douglas), the port of Douglas.

Cape Tribulation, named in 1770 by Captain Cook, is one of Australia's most visible tourist attractions.

Cape Tribulation is made up of gorgeous beaches, colorful corals, continuous tropical rainforests, rare and beautiful rare animals and plants and large areas of mangroves, forming the most beautiful blue sea and beach beauty in the world. Walking on the long Cape Tribulation beach, behind is thick trees and towering range, in front of the sea and sky, magnificent sea view, and step on the white sand, watching the waves gently, gently, pounding the lush rainforest, it is very wonderful. Visitors are also attracted to Cape Tribulation's rich and varied recreational activities, such as swimming, horse riding, canoeing, jungle exploration, crocodile adventure and so on.


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