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Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park

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Attraction - Theme Park
Australia - Queensland
Cairns Western Arterial Rd, Caravonica QLD 4878, Australia
+61 7 4042 9999


Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park is located on the northern outskirts of Cairns, a famous tourist city on the northeast coast of Queensland, about 15 kilometers from Cairns.

Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park's slogan is "(Where Australia Begins), the place where Australia started." as Cairns's most famous Aboriginal culture park, Chapkay shows visitors not only dramatic performances, but also a series of highly acclaimed interactions to learn about the traditional culture and customs of indigenous Australians.

During the day, visitors' cultural experiences include facial painting upon arrival, Dijilidu travel performances, creation theater performances, Caboka dance theater cultural performances, jungle food and medicine shows, hunting tool culture talk, trying traditional fire making methods in cultural villages, throwing flying objects and spears, with a traditional course, and so on. The program at night is rich and colorful, with indigenous performers taking to the stage to introduce tribal totem, ancient cultural costumes, indigenous celebrations and carnival dances, followed by dance and song performances. The most famous is Chapkay Carnival Night, since of course the carnival is accompanied by beauty, wine and food, as well as musical instrument performances, singing, dancing, etc., as well as ritual ceremonies similar to those used to exorcise evil spirits. People can enjoy brilliant performances while tasting international buffet dinners and Australian wines. There are no cultural or linguistic barriers at Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, only a strong atmosphere of entertainment and deep cross-border friendship. Most of the tourists here are deeply intoxicated with the sound of joy and laughter.

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