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Hyde Park

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Attraction - Garden
Australia - New South Wales
Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
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Hyde Park is located in the capital of New South Wales Sydney east of the city center, covering an area of 16.2 hectares (0.162 square kilometers).

Hyde Park was built in 1810 in memory of the Australian soldiers who died in the war to protect the country, and has been named after London's famous Hyde Park. Hyde Park has a large clean lawn, more than a hundred years of towering trees, is a good place for leisure. The shape of the Hyde Park is approximately rectangular, and William Street (William Street) passes through the center and divides the park into two parts, north and south. Hyde Park borders Elizabeth Street (Elizabeth Street) to the west, University Street (College Street) to the east, St James Road (St.James Road) and Prince Albert Road (Prince Albert Road) to the north and Liverpool Street (Liverpool Street) to the south.

The Archibald Fountain (Archibald Fountain) in the center of the northern Hyde Park was built to commemorate the French-Australian alliance in World War I. Fountain central is the patron of life, Apollo, the representative of art, beauty and light, with fingers pointing to the east of the sunrise, and fan-shaped water behind him to show the sun's light. Under Apollo, the sun god, there are three sets of bronze carvings: Diana, the bow-wielding hunting goddess, and her hounds and stags; the young god Pan, who manages nature and crops, surrounds the rams, ewe, and lambs; and the hope that the hero Theseus, fights the legendary beast.

The famous St. Mary's Cathedral (St Mary's Cathedral) is located in the northeast of the Hyde Park, across from the university (College Street).

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