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Circular Quay

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Attraction - Building
Australia - New South Wales
Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
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Circular Quay (Circular Quay, also translated as circular wharf) is located in the centre Sydney the capital city of New South Wales, on the northern edge of the Sydney Bay Central Business District between the convenient Long Point (Bennelong Point) and the Rock District (Rocks).

The Circular Quay consists of waterfront trails, pedestrian shopping malls, parks, restaurants and coffee seats with train stations and multiple ferries wharf ,Sydney the city's free bus 555 also has a stop. Circular Quay is one of the Sydney's most famous landmark attractions and transportation hubs, only about 10 minutes walk to the famous Sydney Opera House (Sydney Opera House).

Sydney was the first Australian colony in Europe, and Sydney Bay was the first place for the British First Fleet, led by Captain Arthur Fischer (Captain Arthur Phillip), to land at Jackson Harbor (Port Jackson). For a long time, Circular Quay was an important shipping center, and then gradually developed into a comprehensive community of transportation, leisure and recreation. Circular Quay train station opened on 20 January 1959, while the elevated Cahill Expressway (Cahill Expressway) opened on 14 March 1958.

Circular Quay也是Sydney渡轮(Sydney Ferry)最重要的集散地,共有5个小wharf (Wharf 1-5)组成,可以从这里前往28个不同的目的地,每天大批的海外游客从这里搭乘ferry 前往Sydney知名的观光景点,如曼利海滩(Manly Beach)、泰朗加动物园(Taronga Zoo)、伊丽莎白农场(Elizabeth Farm)和屈臣氏湾(Watsons Bay)等地.

Circular Quay邻近Sydney歌剧院(Sydney Opera House)与Sydney海港大桥(Sydney Harbour Bridge)两个地标,亦是澳洲当代艺术博物馆(Museum of Contemporary Art Australia)和历史悠久的海关大楼(Customs House)的所在地,因此Circular Quay除了是Sydney的交通中心,同样也是热门的旅游目的地,以及很多社区庆典的焦点,每逢除夕和澳大利亚日烟火汇演,Circular Quay都是主要的rally 地点之一. Besides, Circular Quay buskers are very popular.

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