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Fitzroy Gardens

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Attraction - Garden
Australia - Victoria
Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia
+61 3 9419 5766


Fitzroy Gardens is the largest park in Melbourne city, about 26 hectares, in east Melbourne, the eastern suburb of victoria's capital.

Fitzroy Gardens a well-planned garden, fountains, small lakes, walkways, statues, etc. with a strong english rustic color, the garden overlooks the garden on google maps. The tree-lined path in the garden is also seen as a large british "rice" flag.

Fitzroy Gardens scenery is beautiful and quiet, whenever come here, Fitzroy Gardens is always full of amazing: spring, buds spit green flowers bloom; summer, towering elm trees form a boulevard; autumn, the ground covered with golden leaves; winter, a little residual flowers dotted the tree branches.

The most famous in the Fitzroy Gardens is Captain Cook ' s Cottage, a stone house built in 1755 in Yorkshire, England, where the famous Captain James Cook (Captain James Cook) was born. Sir Russell Greenweed (Sir Russell Grimwade), a prominent Australian entrepreneur, bought Captain Cook's home in England at an auction at the Melbourne 100th 100th anniversary celebration in 1934, and was sent as a gift to Melbourne citizens.

The Tudor model village (Model Tudor Village) is another famous symbol of the Fitzroy Gardens. It was built by a British retired man, Edgar Wilson (Edgar Wilson). It was his hobby to build mini house. He built three such model villages, which he presented to Melbourne citizens in Fitzroy Gardens to thank for their generous donation to Britain during World War II. The buildings in the Tudor model village represent the typical Kent village built during the Tudor dynasty in British history, which consists of a variety of thatched houses, village churches, schools, hotels, corns, livestock, water pumps and so on, and also includes a proportional model of Shakespeare's former residence, which is vividly described.

And the Andromeda (The Fairies Tree), next to the Tudor model village, is also well known. ora cohen (Ola Cohn), an early australian artist, writer and philanthropist, is known for her modernist style of sculpture uses natural irregularity and curves to sculpt the trunk into a series of images, including fairies, dwarfs, donkeys, koalas, fox bats and many typical australian animals and birds, on Fitzroy Gardens long-dead ammonium tree.

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