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Cook's Cottage

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Attraction - Building
Australia - Victoria
Fitzroy Gardens, Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia
+61 3 9419 5766


Cook's Cottage (Cook's Cottage) is located in (Fitzroy Gardens), Fizloy Garden, on the eastern outskirts of Victoria's capital, Melbourne.

Captain James Cook (1928-1779), Royal Navy officer, navigator, explorer, cartographer, who had been ordered to sea to the Pacific, led the crew to the first Europeans to log in to the East Coast of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands, It's also the first record of a European ship's sailing around New Zealand, a household name in Australia.

Cook's Cottage is the home of Captain Cook, an ancient stone house built in 1755 in Yorkshire, England, where Captain Cook was born. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Melbourne in 1934, Sir Russell Greenwich, an Australian entrepreneur, paid 800 pounds to buy Captain Cook's former home in the UK at an auction from Britain to Melbourne, by sea. It was set up as a gift to the citizens of Melbourne. Every piece of material in the hut was numbered, shipped to Melbourne, by boat and built intact, so that there was Cook's Cottage. in the garden of Fizloy now.

At the time, there was a lot of disagreement about where to rebuild Cook's Cottage in Melbourne, from today's Victoria State Library, opposite (State Library of Victoria), from St. Kitts Beach (St Kilda Beach) to today's Fizloy Gardens. Finally, after many considerations, a memorial statue of Captain Cook was set up on St. Kitts Beach, and then Cook's Cottage. was rebuilt in the Ferzloy Garden.

Today's Cook's Cottage is the historical site Melbourne receives most visitors from home and abroad every year, and the stone beam of the former residence still bears the first letter in the names of Captain Cook's father, James, and his mother, Grace. In fact, the Cook's Cottage now is much smaller than when Captain Cook was born. Before it was shipped to Melbourne, the hut was demolished nearly half of the area because of land expropriation by the British government. The old residence now houses a variety of homes and ornaments in the style of ordinary houses in northern England in the 18th century. Upstairs is the bedroom of the captain's parents, and downstairs there is a kitchen and a meeting room. There was a small bedroom in which Captain Cook lived every time he returned from the voyage, and the back garden was planted with many native British flowers, vegetables and fruits; At the back of the yard there is a hanger with many unique historical costumes that can be used by tourists to take photos of Cosplay; Originally, livestock and storage space in the rear of the first floor was converted into a historical exploration center, displaying very detailed information on the course of Captain Cook's struggle, from childhood to how he stepped into navigation, three world trips, and his death. It also includes the story of his parents, family and wife Elizabeth.


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