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Model Tudor Village

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Attraction - Building
Australia - Victoria
East Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia


The Tudor model village of (Model Tudor Village) is located in (Fitzroy Gardens), Fizloy Garden, on the eastern outskirts of Victoria's capital, Melbourne.

The Tudor model village is a scaled-down building model that represents a typical Kent village built during the British history of the Tudor dynasty and consists of a variety of thatched houses, village churches, schools, hotels, bunkers, livestock, water pumps, etc. It also includes the scale model of Shakespeare's former residence.

The Tudor model village was built by Edgar Wilson (Edgar Wilson), an English retired man, and building mini-cottages was his hobby. He built three of these. This one, located in Fitzloy Garden, was presented to Melbourne citizens on May 21, 1948, in order to thank the people of Melbourne for their generous donation to the United Kingdom during World War II. The Tudor model village was officially opened to Melbourne citizens under the announcement of Sir Raymond Connelly, then mayor of Melbourne, (Sir Raymond Connelly).

The fairy tree (The Fairies Tree), located next to the Tudor model village, is also a famous symbol of the Fizloy Garden.

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