Anti-Moscow demonstration, on the other side of the Heilongjiang River and exacerbating the centrifugal tendency in the Far East

[International News]     15 Jul 2020
Russian khabarovsk frontier people held an anti- government protest demonstration, demand for the release of the local head of the administration of fulgar. On the other side of Heilongjiang, near China, in recent days large-scale anti-Moscow anti-Moscow protest demonstration, people have demanded the release of places arrested on suspicion of homicide leader. analysis suggests that ongoing demons...
Anti-Moscow demonstration, on the other side of the Heilongjiang River and exacerbating the centrifugal tendency in the Far East

Russian khabarovsk frontier people held an anti- government protest demonstration, demand for the release of the local head of the administration of fulgar. (11 July 2020)

On the other side of heilongjiang heilongjiang province, adjacent to china, have seen massive anti-moscow protests in recent days protest demonstration, people demanding the release of places arrested for murder leader. analysis suggests that ongoing demonstration activity shows years of local resentment and discontent, more likely to drive the far east centrifugal trend.

demonstration unprecedented police presence

A large-scale anti- government protest demonstration campaign by the local population, which began on Saturday (July 11), continued in the Russian Khabarovsk border with China. demonstration called for the release of local chief executive Fulgar, who was arrested last week for murder. demonstration also include Putin, a thief and political appeal for the release of political prisoners.

The demonstration activities are centered on the main Russian-Chinese border city on the other side of the Heilongjiang River, the capital of the Khabarovsk frontier district, the city of Khabarovsk (Burley). The activities of the people in several other major cities and towns, including the Communist Green City on the Amur River, and the Nicolayevsk (Temple Street) on the Amur River, have also been extended to other parts of the Far East. Flags and banners supporting khabarovsk demonstration have appeared in places such as vladivostok, the coastal capital.

Local media say the city of khabarovsk (berli) has the largest number of demonstration events with as many as 40,000 people, similar to the capital moscow has nearly a million people to participate demonstration, the scale of unprecedented in the local. demonstration activities were not approved by the authorities, but the local police were watching and did not take any repressive action against demonstration. demonstration also have no organizers, and people are mobilized in tandem through social networks. After the rest day ended into the working day, people after work, in the evening continued to gather near the Heilongjiang side of the central city of Khabarovsk Lenin Square.

No Flag Only Zone Flag Centrifugal Tendency Concern

A demonstration of this magnitude surprises everyone and is a central topic of discussion in Moscow politics and Russian social networks. A Russian tricolor flag is usually seen in various protest demonstration activities throughout Russia. But many political observers have paid particular attention to the fact that the Russian flag was not visible during the Khabarovsk demonstration event, demonstration only the Khabarovsk border area. Also of particular concern is whether this demonstration can further drive local centrifugal tendencies.

Khabarovsk city historian Felimonov said that the local population comes from different places, unlike Chechnya who has a single nationality. From an ethnic perspective, on the surface, there is no separation problem. But the centrifugal tendency manifested in the local people feel humiliated. Because the Far East is very rich in resources, the distant center of Moscow now squeezes the area as a colony. He said that every aspect of local people's daily life can no longer be separated from China across the river. But despite this, the locals do not feel the existence of Beijing, but they can feel the oppression and supremacy of Moscow.

Demanding the release of Falgar was only a trigger for the demonstration. Many comments on local social networks say that people understand that mr. fulgar is suspected of killing, but still take to the streets, reflecting years of accumulated resentment. That is, the far east is moving away from europe and moscow central, and while the far east has turned over resources to make moscow rich, the far east is expensive in terms of prices and housing, roads are bad, and many low-income groups are harder to leave the far east because transportation is expensive.

Many local netizens said that decades ago, on the other side of other side of Heilongjiang was still poor and ragged villages, where the number of street lights can be counted, but in the eyes of the people of the far East, the Chinese side over the years has been full of tall buildings, traffic, changes. Many in the Far East also travel to neighboring Japan, South Korea, even Vietnam, Japan and South Korea's prosperity, Vietnam's rapid changes have made the psychological contrast of the local people.

A key message from the demonstration, says mr. markov, a pro-kremlin political scholar, is that the far east is seriously backward and deeply disaffected as china and other asian countries grow fast. The population, he said, was equally dissatisfied with the fact that the Far East was economic controlled criminal gane control, that local social welfare reduced and that the economic area was more bureaucratic.

Far East Deepening Governor's Arrest

'The Far East is also facing a new round of declining birth rates, a shortage of people and a crisis of population loss ,'said current affairs commentator Nicoliski. He believes that over the past two years, khabarovsk and other far east demonstration activities. If you look at the whole of Russia, Putin's approval rating is declining, and protest activities everywhere are on the rise.

Nicolisci :" In recent years, there has been no good news from the Far East. authorities some of the policy measures introduced to revitalize the Far East have had no effect, including the distribution of land to the population in the Far East and the construction of new enterprises. A small project was opened in Vladivostok casino, but few people knew. "

Nikoliski said that the situation in the Post-Baikal Territory near China and the Republic of Buryatia on the Baikal Lake is also very bad. The only good news is that the highway and railway bridge across Heilongjiang will soon be opened, but this also means that the Far East will have closer ties with China.

As soon as he left his home for work on the morning of 9 July, the chief executive of the coastal region of Khabarovsk was escorted to Moscow for detention arrest, several agents who had travelled far from Moscow. Fulgar's local popularity far outstrips that of President Vladimir Putin. demonstration people demand that formalal be tried locally, not in moscow.

At the age of 50, Mr. Fulgar, a physician, abandoned medical practice more than 20 years ago and worked in trade with China, as well as timber and scrap metal. His wife now controls stakes in some of the main local businesses. He later joined the Liberal Democratic Party led by Zirinovsky and became the councillor. of the State Duma

Far East hates Moscow central real success

When, as planned by the moscow central in 2018, formal was supposed to be a technical candidate for foil and decoration, challenging the then-local leader from the ruling united russia party to run for governor. But because of popular disgust at the united russia party, the election was a fake success, making mr. formalgar a new leader..

In contrast to his predecessor's bureaucracy, Fulgar's style of governance was pro-people, and he often went to the countryside and talked to the public. Like many politicians in today's world, Mr Fulgar plays populist cards.

The Russian judiciary accusation Falgar 15 years ago ordered murder 3 local businessman, one of whom later owned a stake in the company.

Many Factors Behind the Complexity of the Far East

Some commentators on current affairs said that doing business in the Far East not only requires collusion between officials and business, but also requires the support of local triads and organized criminal groups. The famous Russian politician Zhirinovsky is not only closely related to the Kremlin, but also good at observation. He also opened the precedent of exchanging parliamentary seats for money in the first place in the Russian political arena. After Volgar joined the Liberal Democratic Party, he paved the way for him to enter the Russian political circle. the way. Folgar ' s brothers are also members of the Liberal Democratic Party in the local parliament, and they all have a huge influence in the Far East.

Since his arrest, his cronies and several councillor parliament by the Liberal Democrats in the area have also been arrested. According to some analysis, mr falgar was purged because, after all, he was not a kremlin directer and the ruling united russia party was excluded from the khabarovsk frontier parliament. Comments have also been made that arrest Fulgar was aimed at cracking down on Zirinovsky, while showing it to Russian-communists such as Djukanov in order to make the opposition in the so-called Putin regime more obedient.

What puzzled many people, however, was why Mr. Fulgar had passed a security investigation if he had been suspected of killing 15 years ago, councillor, the Duma for many years even allowed him to run for office and make him a local leader..

Some political scholars believe that Fulgar's umbrella is the former head of Russia's General Inspectorate of Chika and also from the far East of Chika deputy, so the killing was blocked. Both Chaika and the Vice-President of the Public Prosecutor's Office had left their posts and the judicial authorities had re-investigated him before bringing him to justice.

Mr falkal's other predecessor, mr isaev, is also under house arrest in moscow for accusation, of abuses and corruption. Yishayev, who has been the chief executive of the Khabarovsk frontier for many years, has also held the post of Plenipotentiary of Russian President Far East and Deputy Prime Minister of Russia.

President Vladimir Putin is now silent about Khabarovsk's demonstration. After three days of silence, the mayor of khabarovsk called on people not to go out because the epidemic is getting worse.

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