The death of African Americans and Americans raised colonial concerns and global controversy over statues

2020-George Floyd Riots
[International News]     15 Jun 2020
The death of African-American man Freud (George Floyd) by white police has triggered a global tide protest anti-racism, as well as a colonial preoccupation, with statues of controversial historical figures being targeted by protest crowds everywhere.
The death of African Americans and Americans raised colonial concerns and global controversy over statues

The death of African-American man Freud (George Floyd) by white police has sparked a global anti- anti-racism, as well as colonialism, with statues of controversial historical figures being the target of crowds everywhere.

The following is a summary of the recent demolition of statues:

● America

A statue of Columbus (Christopher Columbus) was beheaded, police said Monday. A Columbus statue was also damaged in Richmond, Virginia, local media reported. A statue of Columbus was painted red in downtown Miami, Florida.

Columbus, an Italian from the 15th century, has long been a navigator in school textbooks who discovered the New World, but many believe he is an accomplice to the genocide of Native Americans. During the American Civil War, southern generals who supported slavery were criticized, and Columbus was often similarly condemned.

Moreover, Virginia Governor Nathan (Ralph Northam)4 ordered the removal of the state capital Richmond City, the Southern Confederate symbol of General Lee (Robert E.Lee) statue. A statue of U.S. Confederate President Davis (Jefferson Davis) was demolished in Richmond on Monday.

U. S. House Speaker Pelosi (Nancy Pelosi)10 called for the removal of the U. S. parliament building in the 11 Confederate statues.

The Pentagon`s top officials are open to the name of some of the southern generals in the Civil War, the name of the base to resolve the dispute, but the president Trump 10 refused to change the name for the glorious tradition.

● UK

Bristol, england (Bristol) demonstration crowd 7 pushed down the 17th-century slave trader corston (Edward Colston) statue, and to the port.

Poole (Poole) authorities in southern england said on the 11th, will remove the world scout movement founder bedenburg (Robert Baden-Powell) statue. Bettenburg was voted No .13 in 2007 as Britain`s most influential figure in the 20th century, and his vision of a Scout campaign was hailed.

But critics argue that bedenburg racist and a supporter of hitler and fascism.

The statue of former prime minister churchill (Winston Churchill) was painted with the word "racist" during protest event in central london on the 7th.

Critics say Churchill`s policy during World War II led to millions of deaths from famine in India`s Bangladeshi state in 1943. Churchill was also accused of repeatedly showing prejudice and discrimination against the white diaspora during his long political career.

When this sensitive time, some people found Google search results appear in the previous British Prime Minister Churchill photo .Google apologized on the 14th and said will investigate the reasons.

● Italy

The Italian name journalist Montanelli (Indro Montanelli) was painted red on the evening of the 13th in Milan, and was written "Racist, rape offender ".

The anti-fascist group I Sentinelli di Milano called on the mayor of milan to remove the statue after montanelli voluntarily took part in the colonial invasion of ethiopia by italian dictator Benito Mussolini in 1935 and married a girl he bought from erithea (Eritrea) in east africa. The Giuseppe Sala refused to remove the statue, which was backed by Italian diplomatic minister DiMayo.

Montanelli died in 2001, aged 92. The most famous and influential italian journalist, in the 20th century, he founded the right-wing press (Il Giornale) and worked in the evening post (Corriere della Sera).

● Belgium

The statue of 19th-century king leopold ii (King Leopold II) was painted by anti-racist protest figures in antwerp (Antwerp), belgium, and removed by the city government on the 9th. The statue of Leopold II has long been targeted by activists because of his brutal colonial history in central Africa, particularly in the current Democratic Republic of the Congo.

● Australia

The British explorer Captain Cook (Captain James Cook) at Hyde Park (Hyde Park) in Sydney, Australia`s largest city, was vandalized by graffiti on the morning of the 14th. Police in New South Wales arrest two women nearly 30 years old.

● New Zealand

The city of hamilton (Hamilton), new zealand`s fourth largest city, has dismantled the bronze statue of hamilton (Captain John Fane Charles Hamilton), the british military commander of the colonial era, after anti-racist threat.

The name of the city originated in Hamilton, where protest committed murder acts. During Britain`s 19th-century expansion of its colonies, Hamilton was sent to New Zealand to fight against Maori natives who defended the land.

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