Although the relationship between Australia and China is tense recently, Chinese people still like to study in Australia

[Economic News]     26 Jun 2020
Chinese tourists visit far north of kunzhou on green island (GreenIsland). According to a new survey published by china's global times, chinese people still view australia as their favorite country to study abroad and their second favorite destination for overseas travel. A poll conducted by the Global Times and Beijing Foreign Studies University found that Australia remains a popular destination ...


According to a new survey published by China's Global Times, the Chinese still regard Australia as their favorite overseas study country and their second favorite overseas travel destination.

A poll conducted by the Global Times and Beijing Foreign Studies University found that Australia remains a popular destination for the urban middle class in China, despite continuing tensions over bilateral relationship.

While the survey found that most chinese people are generally positive about australia, a beijing scholar who participated in the survey warned that the government's new crown pneumonia pandemic "deviated" from the direction of bilateral relationship.

"It's not in Australia's own interests and it's not in the region's interest to cooperate in combating the epidemic ," said Han Feng, visiting professor at the Australian Research Center at Beijing Foreign Studies University. "

According to the poll, Chinese people are not too worried about the behavior of the Australian federal government. A mere 13.7 per cent of respondents said they considered domestic political factors to be "the most disruptive factor affecting Sino-Australian relationship ".

Nearly half (49.5 per cent) considered the United States to be the biggest source of trouble, while 32.5 per cent said that bilateral trouble stemmed from "ideological differences ".

A study by Beijing Foreign Studies University shows that Australia is one of the most popular countries in China, despite the poor political relationship in recent years.

This year's survey was conducted from June 11 to 14, with an average score of 65.3, with a rating of 0-100.

The poll shows that Chinese consumers are hardly bothered by political factors.

Of the 2105 people surveyed, Australia remains the most popular destination for overseas study, with 16.5% making it their first choice.

The relationship between the British government and Beijing deteriorated during the new crown epidemic, with the UK ranking second in the choice of studying countries, with 13.3% ranking it as the country most wanting to study.

Australia is also the second most popular tourist destination for Chinese nationals, with 16.7 percent of respondents making it the first choice, the survey said.

Like Australia, Japan, which is a U.S. ally, is slightly ahead of of 17.6 favourite tourist destination by 17.6 percent.

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