North Koreans smuggle people in reverse, North Korea first said the emergence of a 'new crown suspected cases'

[International News]     26 Jul 2020
After the outbreak of the new coronavirus for more than half a year, North Korea announced the interception of its first suspected case for the first time. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pneumonia, North Korea has consistently declared that there are no confirmed cases. Now North Korean officials have stated that for the first time a suspected case has appeared in the country...
North Koreans smuggle people in reverse, North Korea first said the emergence of a 'new crown suspected cases'

A new type of coronary virus outbreak more than half a year, North Korea first announced the interception of the first suspected case.

North korea has claimed no confirmed cases since the outbreak of COVID-19 new coronary virus pneumonia. North Korean officials now say the country has first suspected cases.

The Korean Central News Agency reported on Sunday (July 26) that the suspected patient with symptoms of new coronary pneumonia appeared in the border city of Kaesong from North Korea three years ago, and went to South Korea from North Korea to "defecate" three years ago. He crossed the military on the 19th. The dividing line returns to North Korea. The South Korean military subsequently stated that it was understanding the situation. The The British Broadcasting Corporation Korean language website pointed out that the government actually admitted the possibility of defectors smuggling back into the north and returning to the north.

KCNA said North Korea imposed a blockade on Kaesong on the afternoon of the 24th, the head of the Korean Workers' Party held an emergency expansion meeting central the political bureau on the Kim Jong-un 25 day, announced the implementation of a state of emergency in Kaesong area, and the national emergency epidemic prevention system into the "largest emergency system ".

North korea has long claimed that there are no new crown confirmed cases, but many analysts doubt.

Kim Jong-un : front line work "imprudent"

According to KCNA, the patient had "illegally" crossed the border into North Korea, while South Korea had not circulate a notice any illegal crossing in recent days. South korean yonhap news agency reported that south korean officials are confirming whether there is a cross-border return to north korea this month.

KCNA reported that the person has been isolated, and has fully mastered the previous five days of contact with the personnel of all Kaicheng personnel, has been tested and isolated.

Following the publication of the KCNS report, the South Korean Joint Staff Committee stated that it had taken note of reports that North Koreans had returned to North Korea through Kaesong and that it was now "working closely with relevant agencies to identify certain individuals ".

North Koreans smuggle people in reverse, North Korea first said the emergence of a 'new crown suspected cases'

According to KCNA, the ruling Labour Party has concluded that the Kaesong situation "could lead to a devastating disaster ".

The report quoted Kim Jong-un as saying that the front-line alert work of the front-line forces in the relevant areas was "imprudent" and had been severely criticized, and that the central military Committee of the Korean Workers' Party had heard reports of investigations against the relevant responsible forces and had discussed such issues as "serious punishment ".

South Korea Yonhap reported that this means North Korea through the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic to further strengthen the control and surveillance of all personnel inside the country.

As stated in the report, the Kim Jong-un has called on all personnel to "be deeply aware of the reality of the emergency ", emphasizing" absolute obedience "to the command of the Emergency Epidemic Control Command, and demanding that all act in unity and maintain order ".

North Koreans smuggle people in reverse, North Korea first said the emergence of a 'new crown suspected cases'

Crossing the tightly guarded Korean-Korean border is not easy.

How does North Korea, which claims "zero diagnosis" in six months, prevent disease?

Some analysts point to the importance of North Korea circulate a notice new crown cases because it is not just the first suspected case in the country, but more likely the signal that North Korea is seeking help from the outside world.

"North Korea's admission of a case is an event of breaking point, which could be a quest for help from the world, or humanitarian aid ," Kyung Hee University professor Qiu Zaiyu told Reuters. "

North Koreans smuggle people in reverse, North Korea first said the emergence of a 'new crown suspected cases'

Kim Jong-un recently criticized Pyongyang general hospital construction progress behind.

As a result of nuclear development projects, North Korea has been subjected to international sanctions and domestic economic are under great pressure.

Zhao Hanfan, a senior researcher at the Korea Unification Research Institute, said it was important to note that the first suspected case of North Korean circulate a notice was input venereal disease.

"Domestic conditions are so severe that they can not even complete the construction of Pyongyang general hospital on time ," he said. "The criminalization of' imported cases' in South Korea gives them reason to accept aid from South Korea publicly. "

North korea closed its border six months ago, quarantined thousands of people and received aid from countries such as russia for testing kits during the new crown.

Earlier this month, Kim Jong-un praised North Korea for its "glorious victory" in the new crown.

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