Homemade soya bean powder, then recommend two super simple desserts with soy powder elements

[Life Information]     25 Jun 2020
Main points of making soybean powder :1, after the soybean is washed clean, drain, with small and medium heat dry stir-fry, to frequently stir-fry, so that the soybean heat evenly. 2. sauteed beans in a wear-resistant pan (cast iron or stainless steel) without coating. 3. soybean and sugar ratio of 2:1.4, the more delicate soybean powder, the better. Dessert: Jin Yuan Bao Goldingot Ingredients :16...

Main points of making soybean powder:

After washing 1. beans, drain and stir-fry over medium and small heat. Stir-fry frequently so that the beans are heated evenly.

2. sauteed beans in a wear-resistant pan (cast iron or stainless steel) without coating.

3. soybean to sugar ratio of 2:1.

4. soybean powder the more delicate, the better.

Dessert: Jin Yuan Bao Gold ingot

Ingredients :160g glutinous rice flour ,40g potato starch ,20g boiled water ,130g warm water ,10g vegetable oil, soybean powde


Hot a small piece of glutinous rice flour 1. boiling water, make it sticky, then pour other water into glutinous rice flour, add g starch, mix well

2. put the dough together until it starts, add vegetable oil, and then continue with the flour. Finally, put the flour to smooth

3. boil a pot of water, divide the dough into small pieces and put it in a pot.

After the 4. is boiled again, pour a bowl of cold water, cover it and cook

5. boiled again, the little ball had floated, indicating that it was ripe. Drain wate

6. pour in soybean powder and wrap a layer of soybean powde

Dessert: Glutinous rice cake crispy glutinous rice cake

Ingredients :150g glutinous rice flour ,100g warm water, proper amount of oil, proper amount of soybean flou

Add 1. warm water in batches and evenly mix the glutinous rice flou

2. divided the dough into three parts and made it into small cakes by hand.

3. open oil pan, heat into cake embryo, with small fire slow frying, oil on both sides are sealed to prevent water loss.

4. often turn the face, often turn, so that it is heated evenly, glutinous rice is particularly easy to focus, must pay attention to.

All the 5. sides bulged up, a little yellow burnt, the edge became transparent, fried cooked, sprinkled with soybean powde

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