Sydney's most detailed mushroom picking strategy, you want to know all is here

[Life Information]     25 Jun 2020
After the rain, everywhere mushroom, not quick to live. (Daily Mail)(journalist Sarah) June is the best season for picking mushrooms in Sydney. This autumn and winter Sydney is full of rain and humid air. Mushrooms and fungi spring up like bamboo shoots. So, where to pick mushrooms? How to distinguish poisonous mushrooms from edible mushrooms? What is the preparation for picking mushrooms? This ar...

(journalist Sarah report)3-6 months, is the best season for Sydney to pick mushrooms, this year Sydney autumn and winter rain abundant, humid air, mushrooms and fungi spring up like bamboo shoots, in the pine forest fields, growing pleasant. So, where to pick mushrooms? How to distinguish poisonous mushrooms from edible mushrooms? What is the preparation for picking mushrooms? This article will be for you.

Prepare mushrooms before going 


Bring scissors or knife, do not hurt the root of mushrooms, in the case of leaving as much strain as possible to pick mushrooms, so that sustainable picking.

Prepare a wet cloth, wipe and clean the mushrooms.

Bring mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito bites.

Containers: Collect mushrooms in containers such as cartons or buckets or cloth bags so that they are not easily crushed. It is not recommended to use plastic bags, easy to make mushrooms impermeable, resulting in damage.

Dress: the forest is damp, pine needle forest is softer, it is recommended to wear better walking shoes or rain shoes, do not wear sandals. Wear trousers to avoid prickly plants scratching the skin.

First step of self-driving visitor cente

Oberon is located near the Blue Mountain range, also known as Mushroom Town, famous for its mushroom production. A total of 178 km, hours drive from downtown Sydney. From the city all the way to the direction of the blue mountain, driving through the popular town Wentworth Falls、Leura、Katoomba、Blackheath small town of blue mountain, all the way west, the scenery on both sides gradually become flat grassland, a large number of cattle and sheep leisurely eating grass, then the destination is getting closer and closer.

The first stop to the Oberon is to the visitor information center (Oberon visitors information centre), a small house, room with souvenirs and produce Oberon local characteristics, such as refrigerator stickers, postcards and honey, mushroom sauce and so on.

In addition to telling you where to pick mushrooms and how to most useful visitor information centre in the world ". In addition to telling you where to pick mushrooms and how to distinguish poisonous mushrooms, staff know the best place to catch trout, the best place to dig sapphire (and provide rental digging equipment); the best place to stay, camp, bike riding, jungle hiking, etc., and can book truffles to pick and answer any other questions.

The staff patiently took out the map and marked the mushroom-picking forest on the map, which was located not far from the Oberon Blackspring, about 25 minutes drive from the tourist center. Consultation at the visitor center is free, and of course, going to pick wild mushrooms is also free. This is Australia's unique natural play it!

Visitor Information Centre (Oberon visitors information centre)

Opening hours :7 days a week 9:30-17:00 a.m.

Address :48 Ross Street Oberon NSW 2787

Tel :6329 8210

How to distinguish whether mushrooms are poisonous? More beautiful and more poisonous 

In pine needles, there are two kinds of mushrooms are edible, we must not miss. One is saffron milk cap, also known as pine mushroom (Saffron Milk Cap/Lactarius deliciosus), and the other is the scientific name of jack slippery head brown ring milk boletus (Slippery Jack/Boletus portentosus).

Pine mushroom, also known as delicious pine mushroom, pine mushroom, pine fungus, Chongyang fungus and so on, is one of the most common large mushrooms in the genus Pleurotus. Native to Europe and North America, it is now seen in pine plantations as pine trees spread to other areas. is a popular delicious edible fungus. The surface of the mushroom is umbrella-shaped, with orange-red stripes, the trunk is hollow, the whole mushroom color is orange. When picking, if you see the back of the mushroom green, do not worry, because the mushroom is too old or injured, is not the characteristics of poisonous mushrooms.

Slippery Jack, as the name implies, is a slippery mushroom with a lot of mucus in the epidermis.

What kind of poisonous mushroom is that?

First Death Cap Mushroom, Chinese name dead cap mushroom, as long as 30 milligrams, can cause people and death. And this kind of mushroom looks harmless to people and animals, but it toxicity very strong, do not pick.

The second is this colorful mushroom, visitors center staff especially said hello, can not touch can not pick, highly toxic.

Precautions for mushroom picking: 

  • Don't hesitate to throw away any uncertain mushrooms. Every year there are many tragedies in Australia where life is destroyed by poisoning by eating them by mistake. If you eat by mistake because of uncertainty, the price is too heavy. Never joke about a fragile life!
  • When picking, do not touch poisonous mushrooms with your hands, lest the toxin remain on your hands.
  • If you pick poisonous mushrooms by mistake and put them together with edible mushrooms, discard all mushrooms.
  • When picking, try to pick small and tender mushrooms, avoid picking old and big mushrooms.
  • In the growing area of mature pine trees, mushroom growth is also particularly good.
  • Be sure to let others know where you are picking mushrooms, enter the forest phone signal weak, beware of accidental missing.
  • If conditions permit, please pick mushrooms with experienced people.
  • Beware that forests may have logging practices and avoid potential hazards.

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