They say,' be a man,' so what's a man?

[Life Information]     20 Feb 2020
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They say,' be a man,' so what's a man?

Text / Six Gods Lei Lei

To see a sentence, the recent emergence of a high frequency, is to "be a person ". A lot of friends are lamenting" be a person ", indicating that some of the individual things do not look down on. Don`t give any examples, you know. I`m particularly impressed with the phrase "be a man ". However, what is it to be a man? What kind of touch would make a person behave like a person in a public event? I shouldn`t have said that my moral standards were low, even a little corrupt, greedy and afraid of death. But you won`t talk. There are so many things to say.

1. Life is precious

This is the first word. Sun Simiao said that "life is the most important, there are thousands of gold ", so his books are called" Qianjin Fang ". Keep this in mind when you speak and do things in public, or you will behave less like a person. "Life is precious" does not mean that everyone`s life is precious together, not that some people`s life is more precious than others, but that everyone`s life is precious. In some ignorant muddy minds, everyone`s lives add up to the package is precious, as long as the opening is not very valuable. A single life is not too much, can shed a tear, two drops he is not happy, think is forget the weight, holding the keyboard will say something. It`s a big mistake, it`s not like people. Don`t openly use life as a comparison, don`t publicly rate the value of life, don`t publicly rate the lives of others because of region, nationality, belief, identity, this is the basic bottom of civilization. If you can`t, well understand, don`t expose it openly. "For Yao Bena, Bah! You should pay tribute to whoever goes! ""What do you remember when the American star died? Is he your father? "Don`t do that, be a man, don`t publicly rate a man`s life. Because life is precious, don`t talk about sacrificing life easily. "Ah, it`s sad that she died, but it`s a necessary sacrifice," and the second half is not what you and I should say. You and I are only sentient beings, all living beings are miserable. To hold on to the "precious life" point, I think all kinds of silly hostility will be less than 30%.

Don`t be generous to others

To be generous with others seems to be a great hobby of our fellow citizens. They seem to be responsible for the allocation of supplies, such as Jin Yong`s novel of the reward of good and evil emissaries, other people`s money, other people`s love by their dispatch:" Kuai! You make so much at the box office, you don`t donate 10 million! ""Aha, you have a good income. You can`t afford a tenth? "Aha! Hear you Emei pie is very rich, how to donate not yet Qingcheng pie more? ""Kuai! To see, this is the donation list of martial arts factions, to review to see which faction did not donate enough, with the keyboard to scold him! "There is also a class of people, more non-human, like to use other people`s lives to be generous:" sacrifice 30 million people, to recover Qingcheng faction! ""We`re outnumbered,50 million people. We can afford to die! "The 30 million or 50 million people they counted outright did not include themselves, or their wives and children, or their wives and children. They were thinking of giving up to a month of salary, and they would hesitate to do so in two months. It`s all typically generous. Be a man, don`t do that. Can do this, all kinds of silly hostility will be less than 15%.

Allow others to be brave

Could you say it`s still a problem? Of course I`m allowed to be brave. What`s my business? But that`s a big problem. If you are not brave, you can be silent. You can even ask in your own teahouse: I run a small book, we do not mention the blessing of a matter, ask the years quiet. All right. But you should at least allow others to be brave, let others speak and let others express their demands. Other people carry the risk, you play your mahjong, read your little book is, where in the world cannot hide clean? If other people`s efforts work in case, often in case of punishment, you benefit together. If other people get into trouble and get fed the cake, you don`t have to help them. But some people don`t even allow others to be brave, lest be broken that time quiet good, often shake hands: live! Stay! I cannot hear the most unfair things in the world, you will be sad to hear! Don`t tell me any more, I`m angry! Instead of talking at my own table, I ran to someone else`s teahouse to get angry, to the square to get angry. It`s a little bit close to that or something. The "beautiful life" movie was touching, but it was daddy coaxing. You`re an adult, other people aren`t daddy, no obligation to coax you. Allow others to be brave, to achieve this point, all kinds of silly hostility will be less than 15%.

If you have to sell the principle, at least sell the good price

Personally, it`s already a bottom line. "Don`t do bad things" is no longer the bottom line, forced to do bad ideas, but at least for a good price, this is the bottom line. If we can keep this line, the bad things will be greatly reduced. For example, hyun ming er er er - er did bad things, but that was to be "protecting the country yangwei general ", to some extent, I mean, to some extent, can also understand. If you give two dollars to do bad things all day, this will be boring, where cannot earn two dollars? Conscience is valuable, principle is valuable, soul is valuable, well understand, but please mark the price higher. Give you 50 million, go to Hengshan school scolded a, then you scolded it, back to find ways to find compensation, back to the point of virtue. But give you five yuan, go to Hengshan school scold a meal, that is really super boring, where cannot find five yuan ah? However, on the horizon, a lot of the five-dollar-prouts, not even five dollars. Be a man. Why? These are the four little rules that individuals consider to be individuals. You and I are different life individuals, everyone`s interests are different, some like Jin Yong, some like cologne, some like to see the sunrise, some like to see smoke, many things cannot be said together, this is normal. But if all can look at the problem on the basis of these four, to discuss the problem, the public will be more than 90% silly, hostile.

So, you want to be a man?

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