Who says the New Year has no flavor? More than 40,000 families in Wuhan's Baibuting community dine together

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[China News]     23 Jan 2020
Yesterday, Wuhan Jiangan District Baibuting community held the 20th Wanjia Banquet, more than 40,000 families out of 13986 dishes, we eat while chatting, enjoy the Lunar New Year. Chutian Metropolitan News Journalist Li Hui Taking a Wanjia Banquet Wu Shuzhen and her food "Happy Canteen" Chutian Metropolitan News Journalist Luyuan Correspondent Shi Yaqin Photograph: Chutian Metropolitan News Journa...
Who says the New Year has no flavor? More than 40,000 families in Wuhan's Baibuting community dine together

Yesterday, Wuhan Jiangan District Baibuting community held the 20th Wanjia Banquet, more than 40,000 families out of 13986 dishes, we eat while chatting, enjoy the Lunar New Year. Chutian Metropolis Daily`s Journalist Li Hui

Who says the New Year has no flavor? More than 40,000 families in Wuhan's Baibuting community dine together

Family dinner

Who says the New Year has no flavor? More than 40,000 families in Wuhan's Baibuting community dine together

Wu Shuzhen and her food "Happy Canteen"

Chutian Metropolis Daily Journey Correspondent Stephen Photograph: Chutian Metropolis Daily Journalist Li Hui

In the first episode of the korean drama "please answer 1988", five families living in seoul`s shuangmen cave, each brought curry rice, vegetables and so on, put together into a table to eat, revealing a strong neighborhood.

The same scenario, in Wuhan Jiangan District Baibu Ting community, has been staged for a full 20 years. From hundreds of banquets, thousands of banquets to thousands of banquets, a single dish; from the original more than 50 dishes to the Guinness world record 8146 dishes, the lively scene is unique here.

Yesterday, the 20th Baibuting Community Wanjia Banquet, attended by more than 40,000 families. With a "pot-opener," residents brought out 13,986 co-operative or individually-made dishes to chat about life`s warm-hearted, new changes and enjoy the Lunar New Year.

One dish a year, the octogenarian mother-in-law tells the history of the Wanjia Banquet

At around 8 a.m. yesterday, the Baibuting Community Party and Group Service Centre was crowded. All the cars in each district bring carefully prepared dishes to the designated display.

The 80- year - old Wu Shu - zhen got up early to make up for the dishes he had made the night before.

In front of the booth, she smiled as she introduced the residents to her month-long "happy canteen" creations. This dish contains the story of the convenience of the community`s mutual help and happiness canteen for the elderly in the community.

Wu Shuzhen is the "loyal powder" of the Wanjia banquet, one dish a year, and has never stopped for 20 years.

In 2000, she and her wife moved to Anju Court in the Baibuting community shortly before attending the first Wanjia Banquet. At that time, it was a hundred banquet, the total number of dishes only more than 50. She felt that the new community green, with stewed ribs, stir - fried bolting, green pepper shredded, etc.

Three years later, the Baibu Ting community developed to three neighborhood committees, and the quality of life of residents was generally improved. At the end of the year, the hundred-family banquet was upgraded to a thousand-family banquet, and residents served more than 1200 dishes.

Since then, people have become more creative. Wu Shuzhen, based on the experience of life, joined hands with neighbors to make a "neighborhood love" with chestnut, carp, celery and so on, to show the warmth of neighborhood watch and help each other.

In 2009, thousands of banquets were upgraded to ten thousand. In 2011, the ten-thousand-family banquet was handed out 8146 dishes, a guinness world record for "the most dishes on display." In fact, there were more than 13000 dishes, but many were served beyond the 12 p.m. deadline and were not recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, Wu said.

Yesterday, more than 40,000 families attended the banquet, serving 13986 dishes, more lively than any previous banquet.

Over the past 20 years, the Baibu Ting community`s regiment rice, from the hundred family banquet to the ten thousand family banquet, dishes from the affordable big fish big meat to the pursuit of creative culture. The change is that the quality of life of residents is constantly improving, unchanged is a strong neighborhood feelings. And Baibu Ting community, also became one of the most flavorful places in Wuhan.

Tibetan residents create colorful dumplings, implying a family of all ethnic groups

At the Wanjia Banquet Culture Fair,63-year-old blossoms and their peers created a "colorful soup round ", which caused many residents to be curious. The middle of the small white dumpling around, around the color of the different 5 kinds of dumplings.

The yellow is the pumpkin dumpling, the red is the carrot dumpling, the purple is the purple potato dumpling.

"The key is creativity. "Blossoms and blossoms tell the family that colorful dumplings mean that people of all ethnic groups are close to each other and that life is colorful.

Blossom is Tibetan, after retiring six years ago, she came from Gansu Wuwei to Baibuting community and lived with her son. At first, life is not familiar with her, Wuhan`s climate, diet and so on are not adapted. After neighbor Duan Jianyun knew, pulled her to join the community singing team and volunteer activities, she also met more community sisters, life became colorful.

Since 2015, every year of the ten thousand family banquet, blossoms have attended. Each time she will prepare a month in advance, but are pasta, mutton and other Tibetan food.

This year, they contacted their community sisters early, hoping to make a dish that reflects national unity. She was supported by the idea, the preparation of ingredients, the experiment, and a group of 60 sisters who often sat for hours, their relationship became even more intimate in laughter and gossip.

In the past six years, Duohua has taken Wuhan as her second hometown, and she has returned to Gansu less and less. She said with a smile, now she`ll have a high altitude reaction.

"The neighborhood relationship here is especially good, where sisters help each other. "he said. Now that she has a small grandson, she has less time to return to Gansu.

Many residents cook home food and take photos and send photos to distant relatives

"In a foreign land alone is a stranger. "75-year-old Wang Liming, children and grandchildren work and study in Houston, USA. Together with residents xu zhaoying and hu yanxia, she made a "mini-family dinner ", filming photo sending them to their loved ones for a year together.

Every dish has its own name, such as "every year more than "," luck in the first place" and so on, which is the most simple blessing of three residents to their loved ones in the distance.

Wang Liming old people participated in the 20th consecutive ten thousand family banquet, never interrupted. Every year, the theme of her dishes is "good family style ", hoping that the children have a happy family and a happy life.

"My daughter went to school in Orlando, USA, and her grades were all A." said Hu Yanxia,45, who couldn`t help but go up. Last March, her daughter took advantage of spring break and went back to Han for a few days. When she usually misses her daughter, she can only chat with her daughter via video. Speaking of this, hu yanxia eyes tears.

Wanjia banquet scene, with dragon fruit, eggs, cucumbers and other creations of "the motherland in my heart ", attracted the eyes of jornalist. The dragon fruit makes the flag surface of the red flag, the egg makes the pentagram of the red flag, the cucumber makes the sea, and the apricot mushroom makes the peace pigeon. Producer Xu Hong said the dish expresses the hearts of overseas compatriots towards the motherland. It turned out that Xu Hong`s daughter settled in Sweden and was away from her for years. As the saying goes," a distant relative is not as good as a neighbor ", and the help of the neighborhood makes her feel that the community is as warm as a big family. Therefore, she and her daughter through the video link to discuss, design, by her to produce this bright dish.

Military Games theme dishes, into a million family banquet network red card point

"Isn`t this the East Lake Greenway? Come and get me a picture... "Yesterday, the" Beautiful Army Sports Field ", which was made by members of the members of the Toon-hsuan volunteer service team of the modern city neighborhood committee of Baibuting Community, attracted the attention of many residents and became a "card punch point ".

At the Wanjia banquet, residents of the Baibuting community recreated the highlight of last year`s big Wuhan by creating a theme dish to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, and the Wuhan military sports event.

Modern city resident liu qiu e brought a "gift to the army ", red dates made into a flower shape, and then filled with glutinous rice as a flower, the ingenious conception of" red jujube flowers ", attracted a burst of praise.

"In the military sports meet, Chinese soldiers have achieved outstanding results, we will send them flowers, thank them for their hard work. "said Liu.

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