vaccine effectiveness is only 50%? Maybe it's true

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[全球新闻]     13 Sep 2020
With the development of the new crown vaccine, the date of large use will be closer and closer to us, according to the National Public Radio, but in fact, vaccine is not a panacea, it may only be about 50% effective.
vaccine effectiveness is only 50%? Maybe it's true


With the development of the new crown vaccine, the date of large use will be closer and closer to us, according to the National Public Radio, but in fact, vaccine is not a panacea, it may only be about 50% effective.

Speaking about the importance of vaccine, Dr. Anthony Fauci (Anthony Fauci), director of the Institute of Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, said: although I hope its role can reach 75%, I have to admit that this is unrealistic. "

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says vaccine can be approved for use in the United States once they are proven safe and as long as 50 percent are valid.

What does the 50% effect mean?

"When we talk about vaccine effectiveness, we talk about vaccine effectiveness in preventing actual diseases ," said one expert at the alliance of Non-Profit Immunization, the chief strategy :"50% effectiveness means that if we vaccinate 100 people vaccine, then 50 people are not expected to be infected. "

But vaccination vaccine have other potential benefits for individuals and communities.

"Although the new crown is only 50 percent effective, it can also reduce the severity of another 50 percent of patients ," said Bill Miller, a physician at the Ohio State University School of Public Health. This may mean that the number of people requiring ICU care or death will decrease. "

"That's the case vaccine flu ," Miller added ." People who get vaccine may still be infected, but in most cases they are less likely to be ill than those who do n' t get vaccine. "

As soon as Coronavirus ,vaccine vaccinations can reach "group immunization" in the United States, as long as 60 to 70 per cent of the population has antibodies ," group immunization "will become a reality.

That is, if 20% of people in the United States are now exposed to the virus, then we still need 40% of the population to be protected by injection vaccine. And that means 80% of people in the U.S. need vaccine, injections to ensure that 40% of people can produce antibodies. But in an August survey ,35 percent of Americans said they were reluctant to vaccinate vaccine.

Do vaccine protect the elderly? If the weight is heavy will be affected?

As you get older, the immune system usually responds less to vaccine, which is why older people over 65 need to choose high doses of influenza vaccination. According to previous studies, flu vaccine less effective in people with larger weights. However, experts say no studies have shown that the effect of the new crown vaccine is related to weight.

As of now, studies have shown that even older people can produce protest, but experiments need to continue for safety and effectiveness.

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Fudge: It's unlikely to return to normal life until 2021

According to top U.S. infectious disease experts, although nearly 30 states have reported a downward trend in new coronary pneumonia cases, the epidemic is likely to worsen again. It may not be until the end of 2021 that life will return to what it was before the new crown outbreak.

"If you're talking about returning to a normal level similar to before the new crown, it could be 2021 or even the end of 2021. "Dr. Anthony Fauci (Anthony Fauci) said Friday.

vaccine effectiveness is only 50%? Maybe it's true


Fudge said in a series of interviews on Friday that vaccine will help, but there are some limitations.

Fauci has repeatedly said that at least one of the tested vaccine could receive an emergency FDA authorization by the end of this year or early next year. but it will not be provided to everyone immediately.

White House adviser and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Fauci, warned Americans that as the flu season approaches, they need to prepare for a second wave of infection. "We need to be prepared for a long-term escape through this autumn and winter, though not easy ," he said.

Experts such as CDC director have also warned that the next few months will be challenging. According to Fauci, the United States reports about 36,000 new cases every day, although better than in August, but this figure remains an "unacceptable benchmark ".

"I've been looking at that curve, and I' m increasingly frustrated by the fact that we've never really fallen to the benchmark I want. "he said. "We must reduce it to 10,000 or less, I hope. Never underestimate the potential of the epidemic. And don't try to see the optimism. "said Dr. Fudge.

The epidemic will soon be superimposed on the flu season, which means doctors will find it difficult to distinguish between those who may have a new crown and those who are infected with the flu. Dr. Robert Redfield, CDC director, said the pressure on the health care system would be "one of the most difficult times we have experienced in the public health sector in the United States ".

Up to Friday morning ,6.4 million people were infected Coronavirus, at least 187,000 were death., according to Johns Hopkins University

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