Chinese caricatures upset australia, morrison :' deeply offended '

[Economic News]     30 Nov 2020
The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs speaker Zhao Lijian's caricature on the Twitter caused outrage in Australia, Australia's prime minister, Scott Morrison Morrison, not only asked China to apologize, And China should be ashamed of it. Zhao Lijian, who recently criticized Australia at Ministry of Foreign Affairs regular journalist meeting in China, wrote in a Twitter this morning, Against Aust...
Chinese caricatures upset australia, morrison :' deeply offended '


Mr morrison (Scott Morrison), australia's prime minister, not only demanded an apology from china, but also said china should be ashamed of a caricature of the chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs speaker zhao lijian's Twitter.

Zhao Lijian, who recently criticized Australia at a routine journalist meeting in China, said in a Twitter this morning that he was shocked by the illegal killing of 39 Afghan civilians by Australian soldiers during the Afghan war. He wrote in English :"Astonished at Australian soldiers murder Afghan civilians and prisoners. We strongly condemn such acts and call for their bringing to justice ".

Zhao Lijian's tweet was accompanied by a picture of an Australian soldier holding a sharp blade around a child's neck and a lamb in his hand on the Afghan and Australian flags.

The author of this caricature is a Chinese painter ," Wuhe Kirin ", in his personal profile, called himself "Wolf Warriors artist ". The picture, called "peace teacher ", was posted on his Weibo on November 23, with the words" Don't be afraid, we' ll bring you peace ""at the bottom.

Two hours after Zhao Lijian's tweet, there were 1600 likes ,1500 comments and nearly 800 retweets. Mr morrison, however, criticized the image as "repugnant" and said the chinese government and Twitter had been asked to delete it.

"China government should be ashamed of this post ," Morrison said ." It should not be fabricated, it should not be the ugly thing we see today in this official Chinese account. "

"Australia is seeking apologies from China (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Chinese government for this outrageous post and hopes to delete it immediately and contact Twitter."," he said

Mr morrison's statement on the matter today was seen by the australian press as the strongest word on china since he became prime minister.

Twitter side has added content warning to this picture.

Today, not only Zhao Lijian forwarded the picture on the Twitter, but on the Weibo, the @ Communist Youth League central also forwarded the picture, but simply with the "teacher of peace ".

Chinese caricatures upset australia, morrison :' deeply offended '

A tweet by Zhao Lijian on his Twitter sparked strong discontent in Australia. (Photo of Australian)

Indeed, today is Zhao's second criticism of the Australian army's conduct in Afghanistan.

On Friday's Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs routine journalist meeting, China Daily asked: Australian military investigation reports have reportedly confirmed that Australian soldiers on mission in Afghanistan are suspected of war crimes and have caused numerous killings of prisoners and innocent civilians. Australian dignitaries and the media criticized and condemned this. How do you comment on this?

At that time, Zhao Lijian responded: we were shocked by the details of the report and severely condemned such acts contrary to international conventions and the conscience of mankind. We call for a thorough investigation and for those responsible to be brought to justice.

Australia and some Western countries have always assumed the so-called "human rights champions" and are prone to human rights criticism of others. Facts revealed in this report fully reveal the hypocrisy of what these Western countries call human rights "、" freedom. The countries concerned should reflect on how to take measures to solve their serious violations human rights 、 violations of conscience, stop interfering in the internal affairs of other countries through human rights issues, and engage in political manoeuvres.

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