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[Life Information]     2019-10-09
©KAWSYes, you are right. KAWS,, one of the hottest artists in the world, is about to land on NGV in September to bring the exhibition "companionship o...


Yes, you are right. KAWS,, one of the hottest artists in the world, is about to land on NGV in September to bring the exhibition "companionship of the lonely age of KAWS:".

Brief introduction to the autho 

Artist Brian Donnelly (was born in 1974), known as KAWS,, is one of the most outstanding and prolific artists of his generation. His works span the fields of art and design, including painting, murals, large sculptures, street and public art, as well as graphic and product design. His works are full of humor, humanity and love for our time. KAWS is highly respected for his legendary sculptures and colorful paintings. His combination of cartoons and characters is based on popular animation culture and forms a unique artistic vocabulary.

: KAWSSURVIVAL MACHINE 2015 (detail) after former: KAWSCLEAN SLATE 2015

Exhibition introduction 

The exhibition "the companionship of the lonely age of KAWS:" highlights the emotional content in the artist`s works. Through his work, KAWS expresses our generous support for others and our deep needs for our companions. KAWS represents people who spend most of their time working across the environment and working together, while his works represent antidotes or responses to the growing influence of public discourse social media and social differentiation within and outside society. He reminded us that we need each other and that life should be as enthusiastic as possible against this lonely age.


The companionship of the KAWS: Lonely Age will show viewers a large number of KAWS`s works of art, including a large sculpture commissioned by NGV (his largest bronze sculpture to date), paintings that reshape pop culture images, and an impressive range of human proportion sculptures. KAWS`s partnership with other artists and major brands, as well as his own products, will also be on display.

The work to be displayed in "the companionship of the lonely age of KAWS:" is the first to be seen.


Place of exhibition:NGV International Pavilion, Ground Level.

Exhibition time: 20 September 2019 to 13 April 2020, daily 10am-5pm

ticket price

  • Adult: $20
  • Children (5 15 years old): 10 Australian dollars
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Along with the exhibition are KAWS T-shirts and environmental bags.

Uniqlo Australia`s KAWS: SUMMER UT series will be launched on Friday, September 20. The series will be sold at the NGV International Design Store and Uniqlo Australian stores. Mark the calendar and don`t miss it!

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