American Senate Order FBI Reply to the Six Questions Baden's Hard Disk Doo

[International News]     19 Oct 2020
On the 16th day of the last election, the development of Biden's "hard drive door ", which shocked the world, affected the important election in American history. On 17 October, Johnson (Ron Johnson), Chairman of the Federal senator 、 Commission on Homeland Security and government Affairs, sent another letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, requesting FBI....(Signed) John F. Johnson

American Senate Order FBI Reply to the Six Questions Baden's Hard Disk Doo

U.S. President Barack Obama (left) watches a basketball game in Washington DC with Vice President Joe Biden (middle) and son Hunter Biden (Alexis C.Glenn-Pool/Getty Images)

On the 16th day, The development of the world-shaking Biden's "hard drive door" has influenced the pivotal election in American history. 17 October, Johnson (Ron Johnson), Chairman of the Federal senator 、 Commission on Homeland Security and government Affairs, sent another letter to the FBI, Ask FBI to answer six related questions next Thursday.

senator Johnson told Fox Sunday Morning host Maria that the incident was a matter of national security and that Americans had rights to know the truth before the election. "FBI have an obligation to circulate a notice us. If they think this may be false information from Russia, they should circulate a notice us. FBI should also tell us if they think report information provided to us is fraudulent. 」

Johnson (Ron Johnson) asked FBI Director Christopher. Lei (Christopher Wray) responded directly to the following questions:

I. Did FBI get the information from Hunter's laptop? If so, how and when did FBI get this information?

II. Did FBI officials get information from a company in Delaware about Hunter's laptop? If so:

When did FBI first check these records? Has the FBI completed its review of these records? Has the FBI found evidence of any criminal activity based on a record review? Have FBI determined that the record was generated on the computer? Is it true, or is it changed in another way? Are FBI sure these records were generated or written by Hunter? Have FBI determined whether these records were the result of someone's invasion of Hunter's computer?

III. Are FBI grand jury subpoenas obtained from the Delaware District Court for information true? If so, when and why is this summons issued? is this information provided to FBI voluntarily?

IV. When and how did you learn that the owner of the computer repair shop in Delaware had a Hunter computer and its electronic content?

V. Apart from the records allegedly provided in response to the summons, do FBI have any other Hunter computers or information from Hunter computers?

VI. Do FBI know if other federal agencies hold Hunter's computer or information from Hunter's computer?

Johnson believes that FBI's knowledge of Hunter Biden's information is of great importance.

""Why did FBI not act? Because of hunt. What should some of Biden's actions be investigated or even prosecute to cover up? Do we have two systems of justice: one for Democrats and the other for Republicans? or one is a well-connected person, the other is the remaining American? 」

"The Commission must know whether it has received information that may be fraudulent or inaccurate ," Johnson said in his letter. 」

In fact, Johnson's Homeland Security Committee, chaired by Mr. Johnson, received an "anonymous report" message on September 24, Said we had hunter. Biden (Hunter Biden) left behind a laptop. And so the committee joined report men, i.e. Delaware computer repair shop owner Isak (John Paul Mac Issac). Isak said that the (computer) content was provided to the FBI on December 9,2019(FBI), And showed the summons of the day, To this end, FBI response was "will not confirm or deny any information determined by the Committee ".

Johnson mentioned that information may be the result of foreign election intervention, in which case a defensive briefing is appropriate. If report person intentionally provides false information, it may constitute a crime. "For these reasons, the Committee must know whether the FBI has assessed the validity of the material provided by the report and what action has been taken by the FBI since obtained. 'he said.

Johnson stressed in his program that the "hard drive door" is a big news, causing serious potential for national security in the United States threat, the Department of Justice, FBI and all media should have taken appropriate action, but has not yet happened. In the next few weeks, more news will come out every day.

The same day after the New York post broke the "hard drive door ",19 republican federal congressman sent a joint letter asking them to disclose whether they had mastered the hard drive at the time of Trump president's impeachment this year, and accusation FBI if they had not told the white house, they had committed" serious misjudgments "and trust violations ".

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