Talk about some of the lesser-known 'flaws' in Australian education

[Education News]     25 Feb 2020
On the one hand, the quality of education in Australia, I won't say much. You go to search for all kinds of Australian education resources introduction, the benefits are clearly told you. Any kind of education system cannot have only the good side. The theory of yin and yang balance of everything in the world, taught by our ancestors eight years ago, is also flawed in Australian education.

On the one hand, the quality of education in Australia, I won`t say much.

You go to search for all kinds of Australian education resources introduction, the benefits are clearly told you.

Any kind of education system cannot have only the good side.

The theory of yin and yang balance of everything in the world, taught by our ancestors eight years ago, is also flawed in Australian education.

By living in Australia in recent years, I have found the following deficiencies in primary, secondary and university education in Australia, leading to a shortage of talents in Australia in these areas.

Australia`s foreign language education system is not systematic 

Foreign language teaching in Australia is very different from foreign language teaching in China.

We all come from home and know how we learned English when we were kids.

Now the basic domestic foreign language teaching level, from the beginning of speaking, is that Chinese and English should go hand in hand, will speak.

Therefore, the importance of English teaching in China, systematic, all kinds of teaching theories and methods, can be said to be a hundred flowers blooming, all red.

And Australia`s foreign language teaching, really cannot speak.

Every school starts from primary school, can choose a foreign language as teaching arbitrarily, and there is no unified foreign language teaching system. There is also no provision that all primary schools must teach a particular foreign language.

Therefore, Australia`s foreign languages from primary school, the mainstream is basically Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, Indonesian and so on, all kinds of, according to the actual situation of the school principals choose.

Moreover, the foreign language learned from primary school also has no systematic teaching methods.

For example, like in China, learning letters first, then phonetic symbols, memorizing words, and so on, the school has a complete teaching system.

And the foreign languages of this primary school, except for Chinese and Japanese, need to learn some basic pinyin, or flat fake business card pseudonym base, other European languages, are taught directly from simple conversation.

That is, Australia`s primary foreign language teaching, basically in order to travel abroad for the purpose of living English teaching, as long as the basic level of ordering, toilet, ask the road.

And in high school, if there is no primary language in the exchange of foreign language teaching, then the hours of those foreign languages are basically lost.

Foreign language teaching in Australian high schools is not always a required course for high school graduation, but is based on interest as an elective after the tenth grade.

Of course, if you choose a foreign language from 7th grade to 12th grade high school, and grades In particular If you`re good, you can get extra points in college entrance examination.

In other words, the Australian education department encourages students to learn a foreign language, but in the normal course of teaching, a foreign language is not a highly valued subject.

This is actually very helpful to the small foreign students in our country, come to Australia to study, and there is a Chinese language in China as a second foreign language in Australia, so that in the college entrance examination will play an advantage.

So, you`ll see a lot of chinese kids who score points for language in the australian college entrance examination, and real australian kids who learn a foreign language from the beginning to the end are really interested in language. It`s rare.

Of course, Australia does not attach importance to foreign language teaching, but also has a great relationship with its own national conditions. Because Australia itself is an immigrant country, many people already speak the language of their own culture at home, plus foreign languages, already know two languages.

In australia there are more cross-cultural marrage families, where parents speak different languages, and where children learn english in school, it`s not a small number of easy learners.

Naturally, foreign language teaching is not a priority in Australia.

If our chinese family wants to develop your baby into fluent english, chinese, plus a third language such as french or german in australia, it will take extra effort and cost support from parents to attend a cram school outside.

Sydney`s most lively Chinese mother community, nearly 100 Sydney mother groups, there is always a suitable for you!

The History and Geography Education System in Australian Education 

Think about how we learned our education history at home?

Whether primary school, middle school, Chinese history or world history, there is a clear main line, from ancient to present, the context of history is very clear.

Although there are too many rote memorization in our history teaching, we know and know about Chinese history and world history. (Dear ones, remember the date and date of the great events we memorized by rote? )

A few days ago, a domestic mother would send her children abroad to study. She wanted me to refer her to the Australian history books and learn history in advance.

I just found out, where is there a history textbook in Australia?

Australia`s history teaching is not based on the thread of history, but on the historical stages, or on a major historical event, such as world war ii.

The purpose of Australia`s history teaching is not to let children remember the historical events of the world mainly, but to sum up their views and conclusions on historical events through various historical events.

By the last two years of high school, history as a subject, just who is interested in who is re-elected.

Therefore, Australian history learning is not systematic.

And as a teaching of geography, so too.

Remember the delay of more than 40 flights at sydney airport in australia at the end of the year, simply because an aviation controller was paralyzed because of sick leave.

Talk about some of the lesser-known 'flaws' in Australian education

It`s a world - class city, Sydney!

Later, the media revealed that as an aviation controller, such an easy job with a salary of $95,000-$200,000-a-year, less money, had no candidates and a serious shortage of talent.

The following title: Air traffic controllers are among the top 10 top earners!

Talk about some of the lesser-known 'flaws' in Australian education
Talk about some of the lesser-known 'flaws' in Australian education

Above: Four days a week, with an annual salary of 200,000 Australian dollars.

Think about it, it`s about learning geography.

Australian geography teaching, like history, is not a mainstream subject in systematic teaching.

I remember when my daughter was in the fifth grade, studying geography in school, talking about the geographical location of Finland, and even the Australian child asked her if Finland was next to China.

You can say that such a low-level knowledge error is a problem that Chinese children cannot know without studying geography at home.

If geography education is ignored, the knowledge of geography is lacking.

Geography, as one of the elective courses in high school, is not a popular subject either. Therefore, the lack of geography education, naturally to the top and aviation, geography knowledge linked to some industries do not understand.

Now, as our Chinese parents know the benefits of the industry, in fact, the industry is also In particular Suitable for our Asian children in the industry, encourage your children to learn geography!

03 Australian art-related university education is not suitable for Chinese students 

Art education in Australia starts from elementary school to high school and is more important than foreign languages, history and geography.

Australian art education in primary and secondary schools is very good, very systematic and very humanistic.

But in college, some arts-related majors, or professions, need to be improved throughout the world.

I can`t understand that.

Why do schools cultivate children`s artistic literacy all the time, but at universities, art-related industries are not as famous in the world as other subjects in Australia?

For example, if you are going to go to a university in Australia for this major, then I think it is more worthwhile to go to Europe and the United States.

Australia`s home style and furniture design-related industries, for example, need to be improved. We have heard of the Chinese style of home design, American home, French home, Nordic style. Haven`t heard of Australian style or Australian style home.

For example, Australia`s TV series and film industry.

There is no denying that there are many talented australian film and tv actors, but there is no connection with the australian film and tv production industry, because most of these actors are famously made in hollywood.

Australian films can be popular all over the world, or more than 30 years ago," Crocodile Dundee "...

Talk about some of the lesser-known 'flaws' in Australian education

And the world`s most popular Australian TV series... I hope you all leave a message and tell the humble sister avan that I haven`t figured it out yet.

Therefore, if you think of studying in Australia, studying in the related major mentioned above, you can neither stay in Australia as a shortage of immigration majors, nor get a high-paying job because of these. A lot of people say that Australia`s diploma too water, if you come to read these majors back home, water is strange!

Australia`s government has been introducing a variety of incentives, subsidies, to encourage their own film and television industry development, so far, the effect is not significant.

Why? I don`t know.

Any kind of education system has advantages and disadvantages.

These deficiencies in Australia`s education system do not delay Australia`s position in the world as a developed power.

Australia`s education, has its own characteristics, and with practicality, science and technology education-based characteristics of the teaching of the world-renowned. Of course, the whole world is also moving towards this trend. This sentence is the key to the study in Australia! )

What`s more, it doesn`t prevent you from sending a baby to australia for a systematic system of western education in primary and secondary schools, scientific knowledge and whole-person education, which is basically consistent with the american, canadian, uk, and new zealand education.

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