Everything About KN95 Face Masks You Should Know: How Long Can It Be Used? Do You Need a Breathing Valve? How to Wear?(2)

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[Life Information]     26 Jan 2020
Coronavirus is transmitted between people, usually when someone is exposed to the secretions of the infected person. The transmission of the virus directly affects the transmission route. The current route of transmission of the new coronavirus is unclear, but past experience has shown that exposure to the body fluid that the infected person coughs or sprays, or shaking hands with the infected per...
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Do you need a breathing valve? 

N95 is divided into two types: with exhalation valve / without exhalation valve.

People with chronic respiratory disease, heart disease, or other diseases with dyspnea symptoms may be more difficult to breathe with a N95 respirator, so using a N95 mask with an exhalation valve can make their breath easier and help reduce heat accumulation.

Everything About KN95 Face Masks You Should Know: How Long Can It Be Used? Do You Need a Breathing Valve? How to Wear?

Exhale valve is designed with several layers of mouth cover. When inhaled, the mouth cover will be closed to ensure no particles enter. When exhaled, the mouth cover opens to let the damp and hot air out. At the same time, there is a soft mouth cover inside, which can ensure that no small particles enter.

During these two days, there were many misunderstandings about the N95 with the exhalation valve, and some people thought that the exhalation valve had no protective effect. A study published in 2008 specifically investigated whether exhalation valves affect the protective effects on wearers. Conclusion ——

The absence of an exhalation valve does not affect the breathing protection of the wearer. Briefly, N95 with an exhalation valve can protect the wearer but not the people around. If you are a carrier of the virus, choose a N95, without an exhalation valve and do not spread the virus. If you want to maintain a sterile environment, do not use N95, with an exhalation valve because the wearer may exhale bacteria or viruses.

Correct wearing of KN95 masks 

Earband Wear Method

Everything About KN95 Face Masks You Should Know: How Long Can It Be Used? Do You Need a Breathing Valve? How to Wear?

Headband Wear Method

  • Ear band type: easy to wear and pick, suitable for short time out

  • Headwear: more tightly fitted and comfortable longer than earband

Choice based on actual needs

Caution of wearing KN95 masks 

  • Wash your hands before wearing a mask, or avoid touching the inside side of the mask during wearing a mask to reduce the risk of contamination.

  • Clear the inside and outside of the mask, up and down; KN95 the mask has printed side for the outside; metal strip / sponge strip end is the top of the mask.

  • Do not use your hands to squeeze the mask, including N95 mask, can only isolate the virus on the surface of the mask, if the hand squeeze the mask, so that the virus with droplets soaked through the mask, there is still a chance to infect the virus.

  • Be sure to keep the mask close to your face. The simple test method is: after wearing the mask, exhale hard, the air can not leak out from the edge of the mask.

Mask is not omnipotent, but wear mask correctly, often wash hands to sterilize, can greatly reduce the probability of being infected!

If you are a carrier of coronavirus, choose N95 without the breath valve to prevent spreading virus.

Finally say again, wear masks to wash hands frequently, reduce going out, do not go to crowded places! Hope everyone is safe and healthy.

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