The number of 'aircraft refugee' in Australia has soared! China ranks second in terms of refugee! Protection visa rejection rate of 80% is still hot!

[Current News]     2019-10-09
It is believed that many small partners have made continuous efforts to achieve a stable life and development in Australia in the future, just to gain...

It is believed that many small partners have made continuous efforts to achieve a stable life and development in Australia in the future, just to gain an identity. But some people, other ways, is also causing government headaches in Australia.

Over the past five years, more than 95000 people have flown to Australia to seek asylum because of concerns about corruption and exploitation in their countries, according to official figures. Since the beginning of July, about 820 people have applied for protection visas (Protection Visa). Every day upon arrival at Australian airports.

Immigration minister David Coleman believes that the number of immigrants for the year is likely to fall due to seasonal factors, according to immigration data for July.

However, the trend is likely to push the number of immigrants a year to a new high, and many are taking advantage of the loophole to become smugglers who recruit workers as tourists, apply for asylum and stay in Australia during the trial of the case.

Speaker Kristina Keneally, the Labour Party`s internal affairs, said there was nothing wrong with applying for asylum, which is an important rights for everyone. However, 90 per cent of these cases are not legal refugee, they are just people who are "trafficked" to Australia and exploited.

Traffickers use these temporary applicants for protection visas to send them to places where workers are illegally hired, similar to hairsalons, hotels, restaurants or brothel. Traffickers hold their passports, pay them meagre salaries, and enslave and squeeze them. In a terrible environment, there are people who may be exposed to sexual abuse.

The momentum of flying to Australia to seek protection visas has intensified in recent years. From 8562 in fiscal 2015 to 12673 in fiscal 2016, 18267 in 2017 and 27884 in 2018. As of September this year, the number had fallen slightly to 24520.

There are so many applicants, but not everyone can walk through the approved single wooden bridge. From July 1, 2014 to August 19, 2019, 62732 applications were rejected, with a rejection rate of 84.2 percent.

Tens of thousands of applicants will continue to file their cases to appeal to court. Some are thought to be refugee, but most are suspected of working in Australia while waiting for the case to be decided.

Immigration deputy minister abui rizvi released data to the public showing 10753 malaysians, followed by 5158 chinese and 982 vietnamese.

It can be seen that Asians are the main force in applying for protection visas. But countries such as Malaysia and China are unlikely to get involved in the matter, and preventing unreasonable asylum applications also requires Australia`s own government`s own identification and processing capabilities.

Since government, Australia, has cracked down on boat people smuggling, aircraft refugee has become a new way for smugglers. It`s true that "you have your closing plan, I have my way to jump the wall." I hope government can still strengthen border management, grant visas to those who really need shelter, and save more people who have been illegally oppressed!

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