What conditions are required for the export of masks to Australia


Affected by the pneumonia virus, the Australian country's demand for epidemic prevention materials is increasing. On the other hand, China's epidemic situation has been brought under control, the situation is improving day by day, large-scale resumption of production by enterprises, and large exports of epidemic prevention materials such as masks, What conditions do masks need to meet for export to Australia?

There are the following reasons for the general customs inspection of goods withheld:

1. declared value and valuation are inconsistent.

2. name doesn't match the product.

3. packing list is unknown.

4. consignee conditions are not allowed. (No right to import or export, etc.).

5. more than 5000 RMB value of personal effects.

6. violated some relevant policies stipulated by the local state.

Mask Transport Customer Advice:

1. Customs inspection: a small number of masks can be selected by air to the door, large volume can choose to sea, but import rights are required to clear imports, customs inspection is to check the declaration documents and the actual inspection of goods consistent, and the value can not be over-declared, can reduce the probability of customs inspection! If the customs inspection will delay the progress of goods clearance and generate inspection costs, the customer will bear the accountable! (very little chance of identification)

2. transportation cycle: air freight can be delivered to the door about 7 working days; sea bulk goods are fixed to open on tuesday, friday; about 25 days to the door; the whole cabinet according to the actual situation of the goods, arrange the fastest shipping time, generally open on tuesday, the door time is generally two days faster than bulk goods.

3. information to be provided by the customer: shipper (individual customer provides copy of body/license, company customer provides copy of business license) consignee (individual customer provides scanned copy of passport and driver's license in australia, company customer provides ABN tax number) cargo information (value of packing list), import permit is required for large shipments.

Mask Air Transport Process:

1. consultation to understand, commissioned transportation, booking confirmed flights, affected by the epidemic flight reduction, need time to warehouse.

2. the goods to our warehouse, arrange the packing and confirm the delivery time.

4. the customer to provide the quantity of goods, the list of goods, we collate and confirm the completion of customs declaration.

3. the customs release, the are shipped, the air voyage generally takes about 1-2 days.

4. reach the port of destination, we agent customs clearance, unpacking loading door-to-door, customer sign.

Air freight and services:

1. quotation includes air freight charges, customs clearance charges, airport charges, dispatch fees, documents fees and other miscellaneous charges, excluding taxes and inspection fees (accountable)

2. air services: free courier collection, reinforced packaging (300 RMB/ cubic wooden case ,150 cubic wooden frame), free storage, free consolidation of goods

3. warehouse agent inspection goods: unpacking photo inspection, electrical power trial inspection

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