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The Bell Tower

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Attraction - Building
Australia - Western Australia
Barrack Square Riverside Dr, Perth WA 6000, Australia
+61 8 6210 0444


The Bell Tower, also known as the Swan Clock Tower (Swan Bells Belltower), is located in downtown Perth, the capital of Western Australia, on Barak Square (Barrack Square) east of Elizabeth Quay.

The The Bell Tower is located on the Swan River (Swan River) adjacent to the Stirling Garden (Stirling Gardens). The Bell Tower was built in 2000, its left and right wings like a pair of swan wings, unique shape, has become one of the Perth landmarks. The 82-meter-high tower of the glass and steel tube structure of the bell tower, a collection of 18 large clocks from all over the United Kingdom, formed a group, with the personnel clock playing and playing different music, visitors can also experience the bell ringing, it is the world's largest set of copper clocks, but also the only royal bell tower outside England.

At the sixth floor of the bell tower, in good weather travelers can walk to the outdoor platform to enjoy the beauty of the Perth city and the Swan River. Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday ,12:00-13:00, musicians ring the clock, travelers don't have to go inside the tower, they can hear the clock near the tower, and on Wednesday and Friday 11:30-12:30, staff will be staff to demonstrate to the traveler clock-throwing skills. At the top of the tower, there are 26 small copper clocks, and travelers can coin and choose the tracks they want to listen to through the electronic menu. Recently, the Swan Bell Tower also provides free video and postcard services to travelers on the clock tower, travelers can send their own video links to friends, so that friends from afar also feel the beauty of the Swan Bell Tower. In addition, the clock tower in the evening will change different colors, interested friends can go to the river at night walk, see the night view.



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