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State Library of South Australia

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Attraction - Museum
Australia - South Australia
North Terrace & Kintore Ave, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
+61 8 8207 7250


State Library of South Australia is located on the famous North Street (North Terrace) in the center of Adelaide City, capital of South Australia, next to the South Australian Museum (South Australian Museum).

The predecessor of the State Library of South Australia was the South Australian Literacy Association, which was founded in 1834. After several name changes, it was changed to its current name in 1967. It grew up almost simultaneously with the city of Adelaide and has witnessed history. The library has newspapers, general collections, rare collections, children's books (more than 65,000 kinds of children's books alone) and a rich collection of non-book cultural relics, collecting ancient and numerous books and materials. Although the reading room here is certainly not comparable to the magnificent royal style of the Austrian National Library in Vienna, it has the academic feeling of a "library" and the sense of historical vicissitudes of the British fan.

State Library of South Australia consists of three buildings:

A magnificent woodcarving and rich Australian history of the Motloc skirt building, has been Adelaide pride of the city. For locals, it was both a surprise and a surprise to be on the list of the world's 20 most beautiful libraries, published by travel and leisure Travel and Leisure》, famous travel media.

The Mottleneck Skirt House still retains most of its preparation and decoration when it first opens, and you can easily capture the traces of time: it has a century-old chair that is significantly smaller than contemporary design; the clock here also requires the librarian to manually post it every week; and the protective railing here is also a little shorter than it is today, reflecting on one side the growing average height of contemporary people.

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