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Lake Monger

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Attraction - Garden
Australia - Western Australia
Lake Monger, Perth WA, Australia
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Lake Monger is one of Perth most fascinating parks in the western Australian capital, Lidwell (Leederville), a suburb of Perth.

Lake Monger is the home of the famous black swan, which is an important part of the heritage of the Western Australian state iconic animal, and the city's main river is also named for this elegant waterbird. The native plants here allow the Black Swan to live in this natural environment.

Surrounded by spacious lawns, wooden walkways and bike lanes, the Lake Monger has a man-made bird breeding island to the west, which, thanks to its unique natural growth environment, can view black swans and many other swarms of water birds that perch on the lake. This is also an ideal place for picnics. Guests can learn more about birds living on the Lake Monger through unique presentations or walks on boardwalks, surrounded by spacious lawns, walkways and bike lanes, making them popular with locals.

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