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George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens

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Attraction - Garden
Australia - Northern Territory
The Gardens NT 0820, Australia
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George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens is located in the The Gardens area of Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, and covers an area of about 42 hectares next to (Darwin City), the city centre of Darwin.

Founded in 1886, George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens has a history of more than a hundred years, aimed at introducing and evaluating plants to new cities, and has since played an important role in the recreational and scientific life of Darwin. George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens has historically experienced severe hurricanes. Major fires and serious damage during the second World War.

George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens is one of the few botanical gardens in the world with beautiful scenery, shady trees and a large number of marine and estuarine plants. Visitors can observe orchids, Artemiaceae plants from close range. The pineapple family and many other eye-catching foliage plants. There are about 400 species of palm trees and cycas in the botanical garden, most of them in rainforest valleys with waterfalls and ponds, and when walking to a self-help walkway dedicated to ornamental native plants, Visitors can explore the traditional use of native plants by aborigines.

One of Darwin's oldest buildings, the Methodist Church of (Wesleyan Church), moved to the Botanical Garden in 2000.

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