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Australia - Victoria
6k (2016)


Woodend is a small town in the hinterland mountains of central Victoria, about 70 kilometers by car from Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, and about 40 kilometers from (Daylesford), the famous spa resort town of Victoria.

Founded in 1854, Woodend is located on the road from Melbourne to the then gold-rush hotspots of Bararet (Ballarat) and Bendigo (Bendigo), providing supplies and living facilities for gold miners.

Unlike most Australian towns, Woodend is located at the foot of (Great Dividing Range), the great watershed, where snow is usually seen in winter. Woodend is known for its stunning hilly landscape. (Macedon Regional Park), a Macedonian park to the east of the town, and (Hanging Rock), a cliff stone on the northeastern outskirts of the town, are Woodend's most famous tourist attractions.

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