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China processing and production of food by sea to Australia, shipping the whole cabinet LCL can! Brisbane, australia freemantle adelaide can be sent by sea, air one-stop arrival. One-stop logistics service for you.

Our international logistics department provides you to provide: collection, finishing, packaging, transportation, customs clearance, customs clearance, sent to the garage or garage, the following is a brief introduction to some of the knowledge and operation process!

I. Food shipping content

1. australia food transport double clear to door service: whole cabinet, bulk container can be operated, all goods can be arranged to clear customs in melbourne, australia, then arrange logistics to sydney, brisbane, adelaide, hobart, etc. In addition, you can also directly arrange direct delivery to the corresponding state ports after the completion of customs delivery to the door, the entire service for you personalized service, save time and save money!

2. make the transportation plan according to the volume of goods, less than 20 cubic meters of goods suggest to go bulk LCL: more than 20 cubic meters of goods suggest to go through the whole cabinet, international volume calculation formula: length X width X high = volume (CBM)/ counterweight 500 KG.

3. services: multi-programme options

I. quotation includes the full cost of the goods delivered to the warehouse or garage at the customs clearance from China to Australia;

II. can also provide additional charges for items such as disassembly, packing, furniture installation, upstairs delivery, garbage disposal, etc. sexual service upon arrival

II. Maritime transport process

1. consult to understand, commission transportation, booking confirmation ship date. The shipping schedule of different shipping companies is different;

2. the goods to our warehouse, arrange the packing and confirm the loading. Every Monday loading counter Friday sailing;

4. customers need to provide the actual quantity of goods, the list of goods (weight, volume, value), we collate and confirm the completion of customs declaration;

3. Customs release, container on board the ship, sea voyage generally takes about 15 days, generally from the 22nd day from the container delivery to the door;

4. reach the port of destination, we agent customs clearance, unpacking loading door-to-door, customer sign.

5. the whole cabinet quotation detailed inquiry, need to confirm the collection to our domestic warehouse to box, or need to drag the cabinet to the supplier to box (provide China address); both cases should provide Australia address in detail.

III. Customer Advice

1. Customs inspection: The purpose of the inspection is to check whether the contents of the declaration document are consistent with the actual goods inspected. Customer to provide accurate list of goods to achieve (goods / orders) consistent, and the value can not be understated for smooth customs clearance! If due to underreporting, customs inspection will delay the progress of goods clearance and incurred inspection costs, the customer will bear the accountable;

2. Fumigation: Since Australian economic rely heavily on the export of forestry products, Australian government attaches great importance to the prevention of plant pests and diseases. (a) Strictly require that all wood products (which are not packaged with bark) must be fumigated to enter the country;

3. Tax Exemption Conditions: Australian Customs and Excise Ordinance has no special treatment for immigrants. Just hold more than 6 months visa, passport or green card, and use more than 12 months for the first time to transport old goods within five years of entry, can be tax-free (but will incur additional quarantine costs)!

4. shipping cycle: bulk goods fixed every week tuesday open cabinet, friday ship; about 25 days to the door. the whole cabinet according to the actual situation of the goods, arrange the fastest ship date. Usually a big ship on Tuesday. the arrival time is usually about two days faster than bulk goods.

5. information to be provided by the customer: shipper (personal customer provides copy of body/license, company customer provides copy of business license) consignee (personal customer provides scanning copy of passport and driver's license in australia, company customer provides ABN tax number) cargo information (cargo packing list value) only need to provide information, formalities we special person for you one-on-one whole process! Don't bother yourself with these complicated procedures, intimate and convenient!

………………………………………………………………… Marine Food Tips

Australian government is very demanding of food, please customers must see the following instructions

1. request the customer to provide the complete product photo 、 label photo 、 and processing process;

2. for major customers of food factories or long-term food imports in Australia; generally, depending on the degree of difficulty, time and work required, the consultation report will specify the relevant requirements for the import of products, requirements for customs clearance documents for imported goods, requirements for labelling, etc.;

3. for the general import customers, our domestic warehouse has on behalf of the english label business; if the bulk of the commercial customers shipped, it is recommended that the general manufacturers or suppliers before shipment, need to make and check the english label before shipment (200 AUD in advance), the return of 200 AUD, if the customer received the label content after not shipping, this deposit is no longer returned, as a label fee;

4. if you need to apply for an import license, we can assist in processing the certificate.

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