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Manly Beach

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Attraction - Beach
Australia - New South Wales
Manly Beach, Manly NSW 2095, Australia
+61 2 9976 1500
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Manly Beach is located in the coastal community of Sydney, the capital of New South Wales. Manley (Manly), is located northeast of (Sydney Harbour), port of Sydney. It is located between (Freshwater Beach) and (Shelly Beach), located between fresh water beach and Shirley Beach. It is about 15 kilometers from Sydney.

"it's only seven miles from Sydney, but it can throw the hustle and bustle of the city out of the clouds (7 miles from the city and a million miles from care)." this is Mani's personal feeling about the environment in which he lives. Indeed, it takes only 30 minutes to take the ferry from the Sydney roundabout wharf (Circular Quayy) to Manley, a remote and quiet paradise, from the bustling SydneyCBD lights.

Manley is one of more than 30 municipalities in Sydney, and like Sydney, its names are related to Philip, the first governor of New South Wales. General (Admiral Arthur Phillip) of the British first Fleet named his first colony in Australia Sydney; on January 26, 1788. He led an expedition to the north corner of Sydney Port in search of fresh water. Philip was so impressed by the "confident and manly (Manly Behaviour) actions" of the native Guringai that he named the place "Manley" (Manly). Because of the beautiful scenery, it soon became a seaside resort, and every weekend many Sydney people poured in to enjoy the sun, sand and waves.

Manly Beach is about 1500 meters long and has a large golden beach on the front of the river. Strictly speaking, Manly Beach is made up of beaches and bays, large and small. In the north, the middle part of (Queenscliff Beach), known as Queen's cliffs Beach, is called North Steeney Beach (North Steyne Beach) and Manly Beach, while adjacent to Manly Beach is the Leaf curly Tree Bay (Cabbage Tree Bay) and Shirley Beach (Shelly Beach).

There is no doubt that as a world-famous beach, you can find all the elements of a beautiful beach: long beaches, towering bays on cliffs, natural seawater swimming pools, Norfolk pine trees, water sports (yachts, swimming, diving, surfing), beach volleyball, bikini beauty, handsome lifeguards, cold beer, music, fish and fries.

Manly Beach is one of the holy places that surfer enthusiasts aspire to, and it is also the place where Australia's world surfing champion gets up, such as Kelly Slater. Now, the 4-kilometer-long beach from Freshwater Beach to Shirley Beach has been set up as the Manley Freshwater World Surfing Reserve (Manly-Freshwate World Surfing Reserve), also has (Manly Surf Lifesaving Club)., the world's oldest surfing life-saving club, at the southern tip of the beach.

At the north end of Manly Beach, there is a surfer's favorite female cliff (QueensCliff), while the southern end of the path from the surfing life-saving club to the little-known Shirley Beach (Shelly Beach), one step noisy, one step silent, the scenery is the same background board, Manley is always so looking forward to brilliance, amorous feelings and seductive feelings.

Of course, in addition to beach games, there are beach markets and shops on the shore, beach clothes and souvenirs, as well as the world-famous Sydney cat's eye stone, while in the city there are playgrounds, art galleries, museums, aquarium and flea markets on weekends, so there is a lot of people here as soon as we get to the holidays.

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