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Melbourne Festival

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Australia - Victoria
Melbourne VIC, Australia


Melbourne Festival is an annual art festival held in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, in October each year for three weeks.

Founded in about 1986, Melbourne Festival is one of the world's top art festivals and is Australia's leading celebration of global art and culture, bringing together a variety of music, film, lectures, multimedia and other artistic activities in Australia and around the world. Each year, the festival is a celebration of global art and culture, showcasing thousands of artists in a diverse range of modern art forms, many of which are rarely seen elsewhere, and many of which come from Chinese artists often present in Melbourne Festival. Most recently, at the 2018 festival of art, the famous Chinese composer Tan Dun, together with the Australian Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, collaborated in the Melbourne Art Center (Arts Centre Melbourne) to play its original new product, Ode to Mercy, which attracted much attention of the World Art Festival.

Jonathan Holloway (Jonathan Holloway) has been director of the Melbourne Festival since 2016.

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