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Great Otway National Park

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Attraction - National Park
Australia - Victoria
Cape Otway VIC 3233, Australia
+61 131963
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Located on Victoria's famous Oceanic Road, (Great Ocean Road), Great Otway National Park stretches from Tolcan (Torquay) to the royal town of (Princetown), north through the hinterland of Otway to Corak (Colac), which covers an area of about 103 square kilometers.

Great Otway National Park has a zigzag coastline, soft sandy beaches, rock platforms and wind-battered stone fields. In the north of the park are tall forests, fern-like valleys, majestic waterfalls and tranquil lakes,. Great Otway National Park, with 91 kilometers of ocean road walking routes. From the pastoral resort town of Apollo Bay (Apollo Bay) to Glanapu ranch (Glenample Homestead) (adjacent to the twelve disciples (Twelevel Apostles). Trekking across the National Park and overlooking the wonderful panoramic view of the Ocean National Park (Marine National Park). The road has been carefully designed to allow walkers to "go up and down" in many places and to meet short, daytime or nighttime hikes.

There are also great camping grounds all over the park, whether visitors are looking for a family holiday place to park a station wagon, or a desire for a quiet gazing at the stars of the night.

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