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Bright Autumn Festival

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Australia - Victoria


Bright Autumn Festival is the annual grand festival of Bright, a small town in eastern Victoria.

Bright is known for its autumn maple leaf viewing. Bright Autumn Festival was first held in 1962 to celebrate the centenary of Bright's founding. Every autumn since then, Bright Autumn Festival has grown to be one of the most popular festivals in the state. Every autumn, Bright is surrounded by golden sycamore leaves, fire-like red maple leaves, and the colourful scenery of the mountains. In addition to the picturesque scenery, (Art Exhibition) is one of the hot spots of the autumn festival.

The Bright Autumn Festival is usually held from the end of April to the beginning of May each year for 10 days, with the last Saturday being the celebration day (Gala Day,), which will bring the festival atmosphere to its highest ebb. There will be lively bazaars, street concerts and big festival parades in the center of town, and tourists from all over the world will flock to the day.


Recent Bright Autumn Festival time:

(指某一年) a particular yeatimeVandinegon Nut FestivalCelebration day
201827 April-6 May28 April (Saturday)5 May (Saturday)
201926 April-5 May27 April (Saturday)4 May (Saturday)

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