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Kiama Blowhole

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Attraction - Natural
Australia - New South Wales
Kiama Blowhole, Kiama NSW 2533, Australia
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Kiama Blowhole's coastal town of Kiama, on the east coast of New South Wales, is one of Kiama's best-known attractions.

Kiama Blowhole is not far from the center of Kiama town, within two minutes of driving, the reef coast near the nozzle is beautiful under blue sky and white clouds, and (Kiama Lighthouse), the Kiama lighthouse on the shore, adds a lot to the atmosphere. The spray hole is a group of seaside reefs, because the sea water has eroded over the years and the interior is empty, so when the waves come in, the water pressure in the hole will rise, squeezing the original sea water in the hole, ejecting a very high column of water, if on a sunny day, Every time the water spray, the position of the water column will appear small rainbow, very beautiful.

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