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Parliament House

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Attraction - Building
Parliament Dr, Canberra ACT 2600, Australia
+61 2 6277 7111


Parliament House is located on parliament Hill (Capital Hill), the capital of Australia, the geographical center of in a garden-style block that also includes institutions and venues such as the Australian National Gallery (National Gallery of Australia), the Australian High Court (High Court of Australia), the National Portrait Gallery (National Portrait Gallery), the Australian National Library (National Library of Australia).

Parliament House is one of the most famous buildings in the world, it is famous for its magnificent architectural structure, and it is characterized by the extensive use of masonry and high-quality wood and the collection of fine arts including one of the world's largest tapestries. Covering an area of 32 hectares, the above ground building has six floors, the bottom floor is a parking lot, the circular granite exterior wall fits seamlessly with the shape of the capital mountain. The core of the whole building is a stainless steel flagpole standing on the top of the hall ,81 meters high, straight into the sky, Parliament House free tour guide is provided every 30 minutes visitors a better understanding of its mystery.

Bells hung everywhere in the Parliament House, even in the toilet, reminding people of meeting time, if late is not allowed to enter. The seats councillor the House of Representatives are green, with more than 130 councillor, elected for every 81,000 people councillor, with the President's seat on either side of the table, the ruling party and the opposition party, the deputy leader's seat, and the councillor seats divided by party. There are ordinary citizen side seats and press journalist seats around, very democratic and open, and every meeting is held to the whole country on television live broadcast, that councillor will not choose you next time if they do not work hard and the people know it clearly.

The format of the Senate is the same as that of the House of Representatives, but it is red. A total of 76 senator seats ,12 each state, Australia has six states: West Australia in the west; North Territory in the middle; South Australia in the south; three states in the east, Queensland from top to bottom; New South Wales and Victoria. Capital Canberra special zone two, indigenous two. In the middle, the speaker seated himself in the seat of the Queen of England, usually empty, and next to it was a chair for foreign heads of state to attend the meeting.



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