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Healesville Sanctuary

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Attraction - Zoo
Australia - Victoria
Healesville Sanctuary, Badger Creek Rd, Healesville VIC 3777, Australia
+61 3 5957 2800


Healesville Sanctuary is located in the southern suburb of the heartland of yala valley (Yarra Valley), a famous wine-producing region in victoria. It is about 65 kilometers from downtown Melbourne, the capital of victoria, and covers an area of about 170 hectares.

A picturesque view of the Yala Valley, the vineyards are undulating, and the Healesville Sanctuary known for owning the world's largest Australian wildlife is here.

Healesville Sanctuary is a zoo integrated with the natural environment, the whole park is built in the original forest zone, everywhere eucalyptus towering into the clouds, acacia brilliant, ferns vibrant. There are more than 300 species of wild Australian birds, mammals and reptiles, which contain many endangered species. It also hosts all of Australia's favorite animals, such as koala bears, marsupials, platypuses, kangaroos, possums and nocturnal creatures. Visitors can get in close contact with koala bears, walk with kangaroos, meet on the trail, enjoy carnivorous raptors and other cute little animals. A total of about 300 species of wild birds, mammals and reptiles in the Healesville Sanctuary, known as Australia's first wildlife park. In addition, there are a variety of wild plants in the garden, so here you can not only enjoy the wild animals, but also enjoy a wide variety of wild plants.

Besides watching and learning about the native animals of Australia, the Magic Moment (Magic Moment) is also available for close observation of koalas, kangaroos and Australian wild dogs with knowledgeable staff. Another big attraction here is the "Soul of the Sky "(Spirits of the Sky) bird show at 12:00 and 14:30 every day, a free-flying show for Australian raptors such as wedge-tailed eagles and colored parrots, experiencing the thrill of eagles flying overhead and seeing how birds crack eggshells with a stone.


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