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Eastern Beach

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Attraction - Beach
Australia - Victoria
Eastern Beach, Victoria, Australia
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Located on the eastern coast of Geelong, Victoria's second-largest city, (Eastern Beach), the eastern beach of Geelong, faces the greenback of (Corio Bay), in Corrio Bay, making it a great place for travelers and locals to relax and entertain.

Geelong East Beach has a variety of interesting statues, fountains and small Ferris wheels and playgrounds for children. There is a closed seawater pool (Eastern Beach Swimming Enclosure); on the east side of the beach. When summer is fine, you can swim in the sea, barbecue or have a picnic on the beach green space. There are many restaurants and cafes along the road. Most of the restaurants have good food. If you are not accustomed to western food, You can also order a cup of coffee to sit in the seaside seat and enjoy the pleasure.

Most of Geelong's most famous painted puppet (Geelong Baywall Bollards) is also located here, along the coastline, there are probably more than a hundred wooden people of all sizes and different themes. In fact, these wooden men were originally just wooden bollocks for ships. Later, artists used as canvases, so a variety of wooden people were born, these puppets have become the most representative symbol of Geelong.

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