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Mermaids Pool

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Attraction - Natural
Australia - New South Wales
Rockford Rd, Tahmoor NSW 2573, Australia
+61 2 4677 8313
All day


Mermaids Pool is located near Tammor (Tahmoor), a small town in the southeastern interior of New South Wales, about 100km by car from Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, and about 55km from Wollongong, the third-largest city on New Island.

Mermaids Pool is a mysterious view of the primeval canyon, and not many of Sydney's natives know Mermaids Pool. It's in a very mysterious position, and in the early years, there was no clear sign around to find it. Can only follow the original travellers in the tree made a series of markings, because it is very easy to get lost. However, the recent construction of a number of walkways near Mermaids Pool greatly facilitates visitors to come here, once found, it must be unable to help but sigh: there is such a wonderful place. Surrounded by towering cliffs, with a huge green basin in the center, Mermaids Pool, is surrounded by everything as charming as a movie scene.

Nature not only left the most beautiful side here, but also brought a lot of lovely gifts: here live a lot of cute little animals: koala! If you are lucky to be here and see the lovely little koala, be sure to take a picture together!

How to get there: after traveling about 1.5km south of Rockford Rd from Tammor, turn left on a stone path, stop at the end of the road, and walk about 200m.

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