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Old Geelong Gaol

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Attraction - Building
Australia - Victoria
202 Myers St, Geelong VIC 3220, Australia


Old Geelong Gaol is located in Geelong, Victoria's second-largest city. The prison was built in 1849 and completed in 1864. It was called "HM Prison Geelong" in 1991 and is now converted into a museum.

Old Geelong Gaol shows the history of the prison in a variety of ways, and visitors can experience the difficult lives of prisoners and jailers in prison. Experience prison cells, taste prison life, meet infamous people in prison, see the archetypes of Halloween ghosts, and so on.

The most exciting activity is the "ghost tour of Geelong prison", (Geelong Gal Ghost Tour), which starts at 8 p. M. every day. Visitors, led by a tour guide, will experience a thrilling journey in the dark to explore ghosts who are said to be unable to leave the prison. The expedition lasted 90 minutes.

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