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One day time said to walk away, the most complete Jilang (Geelong) one-day tour introduction, must go to have to eat the test recommendation

 26 Mar 2018

Is it boring to be in Melbourne? Want to go out and get some air, but you start school right now and you don't have a holiday?

In fact, Melbourne has a great back garden, a day to go at any time, no travel burden, that is Gilang (Geelong).

A quiet and beautiful coastal city, a good place to relax and live slowly. Melbourne is 75 kilometers from the city, only an hour's drive, today, Xiao Wei on August 1 under those little secrets of Jilang!

First of all, let's take a look at the basic background of Jilang, and you can also pretend to be forced when you take someone with you!

Jilang is the second largest city in Victoria and can also be translated as Keelung, located in the Gulf of Coroo, a must-pass access to the (Twelve Apostles) stone of the twelve disciples of (Great Ocean Road) on the famous Oceanic Road. The city extends all the way to the seaside and is reputed by locals as a Gulf city, with several popular attractions nearby. There are more than two hundred and twenty thousand residents, the proportion of Chinese is relatively small. The bustling historic streets are lined with buildings overlooking the beautiful seaside.

How do I get there?

1, self-driving

If you drive yourself to Gilang on weekends, you can park your car free of charge at Civic Centre Car Park, Saturday.

Address: Civic Centre Carpark, 60 Little Malop St, Geelong VIC 3220

Open hours:

If Monday to Friday, charge by the hour. The price is shown below:

If you park for about five hours, Xiao Wei will recommend parking at the Westfield, price a little less than a few bucks. The price is also charged by the hour. Parking is only $30 a day.

Address: Westfield Geelong, 95 Malop Street, Geelong VIC 3220

Open hours: 24 hours

The price is shown below:

Of course, you can also consider other parking lots, micro-recommended is relatively close to the key area, easy to move around!

2. Public transport:

V-line from downtown to Gilang, about an hour's drive, the most convenient, fast and comfortable. The train leaves from Southern Cross Station and passes through 12 stops. You can also choose to get on at the station closest to your home. These include stations such as Footscray, Sunshine.

Weekdays are different from weekends, when the earliest train leaves at five o'clock on time, and the last train leaves the city at 10:59. In addition, the earliest train on Saturdays and Sundays leaves at 7: 00, while the last train leaves the city at 10:49. For a detailed schedule, please refer to the following website:

Open downtown from Monday to Friday:

Monday-Friday Gilang out:

Weekend downtown:

Weekend Gilang:

The price will also be charged by time. If you go on a weekday, you can have a 30% discount before 9: 00 a. M. or 4: 00 to 6: 00 in the morning, with a minimum discount of 8.82. There is no discount on the weekend price. Details of the price may be selected by the following website to pick up and get off the bus site conversion:

Address: Southern Cross Station

How to play, how to eat?

Gillang Library and Heritage Centre (Geelong Library & Heritage Centre)

Address: 51 Little Malop St, Geelong VIC 3220, Australia

Open hours:

Ground & Mezzanine:

Level 1&2:

Gillang Library is one of the iconic buildings in Gilang, the shape of the dome shape, using different sections of the glass window as embellishments, is the library is more unique! The interior design is lined with different colors to make the whole library more colorful!

You don't have to read books in the library, but you can take the route of Wen Qing on the contrary! Why not? The library covers an area of 6000 square meters and features high-end digital technology, including video walls, game consoles and other electronic equipment. In addition, there are special floors for children and teenagers, parents can definitely take children to experience. One of the main features is that you can enjoy the spectacular bay view in the library and read it by the side. How delightful it is to the eye!

Moorabool Street & Tastes of Central Geelong Event

Time: 7 July to 30 July

Address: Moorabool St, Geelong, VIC 3220

It takes only 15 minutes to walk from the library to this street, one of the oldest streets in Jilang, with a lot of beautiful and magnificent old-fashioned buildings along the way. Retro streets, some Spanish-style buildings, retain many of the old buildings of the British Industrial Revolution. The best choice for photographers is to wear retro and take pictures next to the street with a different taste!

From 7 to 30, Jilang held a 24-day food festival, in addition to shopping, but also a taste of the theme of food and drinks and so on. Perfect for foodie and family to look for "treasure"! The themes are different every day, such as the Italian theme on the following Saturday and the exquisite afternoon tea on Sundays. You can go to the following Web site to find treasure:

Merry-go-round (The Carousel)

Address: 1 Eastern Beach Rd, Geelong VIC 3220

Open hours:

It takes only 15 minutes to walk from Moorabool St to The Carousel, the most important of which is the merry-go-round, which was built in 1892. It is powered by Armitage-Herschell portable steam and hand-carved, with just 200 running around the world, one of which is the merry-go-round. Jilang and Victoria goverment spent 30 million yuan to reshape the merry-go-round in order to restore the most glorious historical memories!

You can take a closer look at these 36 carousel, you will find its complex carving, coating, filling, polishing, lacquer are perfect. The merry-go-round returned to the novelty of the year charm, color dazzling, once again show the glory of the era of Jilang! And adults and children can ride this merry-go-round, 360 degrees to see the beautiful sea view! And this carousel also has the humanized clause, if the child is under the age of five years old needs adult to accompany the ride, the adult can be free of charge!

The price is shown below:

Geelong Waterfornt

Next to The Carousel is another popular tourist spot in Jilang Bay. There are more than 100 artistic wooden men around the Bay, who were originally used to model the ship's pillar, (Bollards). But the plain wood was painted by artist Jan Mitchell as a lovely figure statue, and each piece of wood was portrayed as an important event or celebrity in Gilang.

This group of wooden people have 48 themes, it will take two hours to find all of them! Because of this kind of vivid and lovely character image, has achieved the Jilang this area bright scenic spot! Among them is Victoria Bath Swimming, a symbol of the 1870's Victorian swimsuit. We can help the small numbers there are so many, Xiao Wei also really can not remember, also can not count.

Jilang sightseeing helicopter (Geelong Helicopters)

Address: Yarra Street Pier, Geelong Waterfront, Geelong, Victoria 3220

Opening hours: 8am-8pm (Daily)

It only takes four minutes to walk from waterfront, and this is a great opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of Jilang. By sea plane, you can overlook the whole bay from the top of Jilang, its historic buildings, famous Beers Beach and other beautiful scenery. It offers different routes and times to cater to visitors' preferences, and prices are calculated in terms of location and flight time.

For example, flying five minutes in Corio Bay, $60 for adults and $50 for children. The detailed price is available on the following website:

Eastern Beach of Jilang, (Eastern Beach)

Address: 95 Eastern Beach Road, Geelong

, Eastern Beach is one of the most famous bays of course coming to Gilang to visit the beach. It takes only 7 minutes to walk from waterfront, beautiful scenery, the sea breeze blowing very comfortable. People who like to pick shells are very suitable to come to this beach, because the relationship between the inner sea and the sea is very calm, and the water quality is very good, clear!

A variety of complete amenities, including playgrounds, historic art decor-style planks surrounded by a circular seawater swimming pool, and rest zones. Just a few more steps to this swimming pool, built in the 1930s, is a floating island with several amusement facilities, dominated by large diving towers. From time to time, lifeguards patrol the picturesque protected area and swim in it at peace of mind!

Tulip Bar and Restaurant

Address: 9 / 111 Pakington St, Geelong VIC 3218





Chef Matt Dempsey and Graham Jefferies co-founded this tulip restaurant, using modern cooking techniques to make ingredients with different types of ingredients a delicacy! The service is considerate, the food lets the eater praise incessantly! And this restaurant offers a full range of wines! Although the restaurant is not big but full of modern design, it can also let customers relax and stay out of the world!

Micro recommended: chef recommends 4 Wave, $69 per person, including front dishes, snacks, main courses and desserts. Basically on the Tripadvisor comments on the rate is extremely high, especially Fried baby prawns with smoked garlic mayonnaise (13), crisp and delicious, with the garlic taste of Meinai even more on the cake! Specialty dessert Chocolate pave with caramelized white chocolate and thyme ($16), full of caramel-flavored white chocolate, embellished with thyme sauce and ice cream.

Zigfrids Dining Hall & Bar

Address: 66 Pakington St, Geelong West VIC 3218


Web site:


If you are not interested in the first restaurant, Xiao Wei offers you a second choice. The Zigfrids is also one of the Gillang well-received, mainly Middle East cuisine. Food is simple and fresh, so guests can enjoy an unforgettable and delicious experience in gourmet food! Price civilians and a variety of, worth a try!

Recommend: Fried School Prawns, Aleppo Salt & Lemon ($12), Aleppo Salt is Middle Eastern chili powder, but full of flavor! Squeeze lemon juice to increase shrimp sweetness. Torn Beef, Chermoula & Bubba Gannoush ($26) and Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder w / Cracked Wheat & Lentil Pilaf, Fried Onions & Yoghurt ($34) are two well-received slow-boiled main dishes with fresh gravy. The addition of the Middle East unique flavor to make these two more different!

Walking in the woods of the Great Otway National Park, (Otway Fly Treetop Adventures)

Address: 360 Phillips Track, Weeaproinah VIC 3237

Opening hours: 9am-4pm (Daily)

Web site:


If you arrive early in the morning and you are still early, you can choose to take a stroll to the top of this Otway tree. It's a 1.9-kilometer-long circular walkway that hovers over the top of the tree! This is the longest and tallest steel walkway in the world, walking on top of the rainforest and giving you a "God's View". This rainforest has a history of 1.8 million years, is one of the oldest rainforests on the planet, perfect for a family size to experience, has a sense of a city away from the noise and noise!

Ticket prices are as follows:

If you love excitement, want to experience and overlook the rainforest in an alternative way, Xiaowei highly recommends you to join the jungle chute. The tall trunk has a high-altitude platform known as the "(Cloud Stations)", between which there are steel cables connected, up to 30 meters from the ground! Tourists ride the rope connecting the pulley, through the wire in the air, glide from one cloud platform to the other, shuttling through the high-altitude jungle.

The entire jungle slide project takes about 2.5 hours. The age and height of the synovial cord are limited, the minimum participating age is 4 years old, and the height is at least 1.05 m. If the height of the 1.05m-1.2m between children and adults must be carried out in a double glide.

Small warm hint: please wear sneakers and tie the laces tight (not easy to slip). In addition, you are not allowed to wear sandals, slippers, high heels and any open-toed shoes. Rain forest high altitude will be cooler, and now is winter, please bring enough warm clothing! There are free storage cabinets in the tourist center. All personal belongings can be stored during the rope.

Ticket prices are as follows:

Source: official websites, including Geelong Advertiser, Goku Valley blog,City of Greater Geelong,Zomato,Dimmi,Tripadvisor,Geelong Helicopters,Central Geelong,Otway Fly Treetop Walk

Some of the photos come from the Internet.

*This article does not represent the views of us.

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